Thursday, February 28, 2008

Disc Profile

Today at work, I took a Disc profile. It is a personality profile. In 2004 I took the test and today I ended up with almost the same exact results. I am what they call a High I and a Persuader. For those of you that know me, tell me if you think that the results are correct. Obviously I have not changed much in 4 years.

So...this is supposed to help us learn about ourselves and learn how to deal with other people. We are having a big meeting at work so everyone can learn about everyone else. It should be fun.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Great Day

This morning as I was letting the dog out, I noticed that our tree had some flowers on it. Spring has arrived!

I took a few pictures and started to walk back in the house and my neighbor was outside, looking at me like I was nuts! LOL

Then my hubby suprised me at work with these:Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. I feel very lucky to have made it this long with my hubby. We have had some major ups and downs on the roller coaster of love and hopefully, we have past the steep drops I hope and have moved on to the kiddie size roller coaster! LOL

For lunch, I attended the Go Red for Women Luncheon. As I was sitting there, listening to Wayne Newton, yes I said Wayne Newton, I said to have got to get a picture of him for your blog. He was almost done speaking so I had to hurry and whip out my camera. This is so Vegas.

Then I came back to work and had a good laugh at Jen's expense. Sometimes she is just so gullible! She had printed out her cash sheet and as I was finishing getting what I had faxed I grabbed her sheet and we passed each other in the hall. Me on the way back to my desk and her on the way to the printer. I laid her cash sheet on her keyboard and went into my office. She then proceeded to start complaining asking what happened to her print job. She must have spent a good 5 minutes at that machine. Filled it up with paper and such. Then she started asking people if that had taken her sheet. She asked me and I said nope. LOL...she then went to her desk and I heard " it is!" We all started laughing at her and she knew that I had been screwing with her. That's what you get for being mean to me Jen! LOL

Left work and went out to dinner with my man. Then we went to the furniture store and he liked the couch I have picked out. Yeah! Looking forward to getting those! It seems that you have just spent another day in the life of Cindy. Is it boring? I know my sisters like to read about it. I wish I COULD READ ABOUT THEIRS.... Um...Sandy...have you used your camera yet???? I wouldn't know because there are NO PICTURES up on your blog yet. When where you here??? LOL Love ya sis.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's hanging from your rear view mirror?

Have you ever paid attention to what is hanging in peoples rear view mirrors? Here is what is hanging in mine:It's a little polar bear with his little silver parka on. Kind of ironic being that I live in Las Vegas and the summers are 110 and over! My sister Susie gave this to me one Christmas. It was on the outside of the package. I made such a fuss over him cause I thought he was so cute and soft. I am a bear collector. LOL...I don't even remember what she got me for Christmas that year, but I do love the bear! Sorry Suz... And hanging off of him is a guardian angel one of my bosses got me. It says, "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." Hmmm, do you think that she thought I drove fast? LOL Me??? Never...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I can see snow if I want to.

Today as I was driving home from shopping, I took this picture. If I drive for about 45 minutes, I can be in snow if I want. We have had alot of rain lately and up by Mount Charleston, there is lots of snow! That is one thing I like about here, you think that in the 12 1/2 years that I have been here that I have ever gone up there when it had snow?'s pretty to look at from a distance. LOL

About Time

I signed up for a PMC class today after seeing Catherine's post today on her blog. She does such beautiful work and I have had the stuff to do PMC for over 6 months now. Right Jen? Remember when I bought the stuff at Dick Blick??? But I have been to much of a chicken to try it on my own, so today, I was browsing the classes that they are having here in Las Vegas at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo and I saw one on Silver Clay and signed up. Yeah! No more excuses. I will be learning the basics soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best Day

I have had a wonderful day today. Have you ever had one of those days where things are just "right". Today, I finally got to close December for the year and finish off those financials. Yeah! Then I had to bring forward a bunch of numbers and close the month of January and cross my fingers and hope everything balanced. And it DID!!! Yeah! I did the happy dance in the office. LOL So, now it's back to normal at work. I im'd with my little sister and we had a good chat. She works so hard and all the time so today was a treat that she was not busy with other things, plus the time difference between here and Istanbul is 10 hours. Then I came home and Somerset Studio March/April was in the mail. I sat around and leisurely read it while waiting for my daughter to get ready so I could take her to her friends. After I dropped her off I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up this:Then I went to dinner with my friend Mercedes. I haven't seen her for awhile. I just love her. She is so sweet. We had a great time and caught up on what's been happening with each other. Then I get home and I check my email and see that one of my favorite artists Lisa Gallup has started her blog again. And I got a wonderful email from the person that won my OWOH giveaway. Another email asking me to join a group and comments on my blog from the lovely Rella that made me smile and laugh! Life is good...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Town Square

A week or so ago, for work, we took a general contractor out to lunch and they wanted to meet us at Town Square. It's a new shopping center that is really neat. I took some pictures after lunch when we had to stop by Sephora because Jen HAD to buy some perfume while we were there. they are. I could live would be cool, EXCEPT for the airplanes that flew in so low overhead. OMG it's on the flight path for landing at McCarren.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am thankful for my blog friends and in person friends.

Today was kind of a crabby day, but I have to say there were some moments that made me laugh. Most of it has to do with the alligator purse. Life is so much more fun when you can laugh and joke around. It takes the rough edges off of the not so nice moments. I have purchased the alligator bag, and it will be used lovingly! LOL Maybe I should start calling myself Crocodile Cin D. LOL For those of you that don't get that (Crocodile Dundee) LOL...I am laughing at myself. I crack myself up. Have a wonderful happy, cheerful, chipper, merry, delighted, sparkling, tickled, blissful, joyous evening.

Just because I can and to embarrass Jen at Art & Soul Portland

LOL...Jen thinks I am totally odd for liking this purse. So...I have purchased it. LOL I had a brilliant idea earlier and here it is. I will be using this purse when I go to Portland Art & Soul and I will carry my trades in it! So when I say...I will be the one with the alligator purse, you will know it is me when you see it! I will make sure I keep Jen on a short leash too so she can join in on the fun! LOL...Lynn??? Will you be embarrassed too???

Monday, February 18, 2008

Have you ever put together a wish list?

For Christmas this year, I put out a wish list to my family. I made my sisters join in and it was so easy to really get people what they wanted. And my hubby even used it even though I thought he would never pay attention. What brought this up is I was browsing through pictures that I have saved to my computer in a file I call wish list. And the things that are saved there are kinda wacky! LOL I guess you could say I have UNIQUE wants. I decided to post some of the pictures here so everybody could know how nutty I am. LOL

Here is an alligator purse! I would so carry this around! It would be such a conversation starter.
I am a big Halloween fan and I just love this candle stick and the kitty in the pumpkin.And I would just love to have this towel rack/shelf in my bathroom. I am a sucker for scrollwork.Isn't this silverware lovely! I just love the laser etched design on it.I just love this magazine rack. It has an equestrian feel to it. And no Jen it doesn't have the sweet stench of horse on it! LOL Plus what a better way to have your magazines near by! And this console. I just love the aged look of it.And these key chains are so fun!
I guess you could say I have a wide variety of tastes. I love whimsical things and love to throw little bits of whimsy into every room of the house. I guess this list in a way, kinda tells what kind of person I am. What kinda of things are on your wish list?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Make My Day Award

I am honored that Catherine Witherell choose me as a blog that brings her happiness or inspiration. And now I am to pass this award on! The rules for the "You Make My Day Award" are to name 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Catherine would have been on my list because she inspires me and is such a nice person, but since she has already been through this 3 times, I will leave her out.

I present this award to the following 10 artists:
1. Rella She is an amazing artist and an amazing woman. I admire her strength.
2. Deryn Amazing Jewelry! Great photographer and the person who's blog I have been following the longest. Hell I didn't even know what blogs were back then, I just know I liked her art and it was where I could see it. LOL I admire her ability to be the better person. More people should be like her.
3. Kerri Such a smart and funny woman. She has a great sense of humor and a whole lot of talent. I admire her follow through. She is one busy woman!
4. Leighanna An amazing artist that can make other peoples castoffs look fantastic! I admire her ability to think outside the box and have a vision of what things can become. Plus...she is supersweet.
5. Judy Her art is something that just reaches into your soul. I admire her ability to put just the right pieces together that have meaning and symbolism.
6. Jen The artist who doesn't create art. her cat has taken over her blog now and he is actually pretty funny. It really should be named Bono's Blog. He has a sharp wit and really should write more often. I am a faithful reader of his. LOL
7. Angie A new blog to me found through the OWOH event. Such eye candy. Love it
8. Kristen Beautiful Art, Beautiful Spirit. Even though you only get to know people through their blogs, sometimes you just know that they are NICE people.
9. Amy I am always checking out what Amy is up to. We have done a swap and she also won one of my necklaces. One day we will meet. She is quite the funny woman.
10. Kelly She is a member of MMCA that I am in too and is super supportive. She has a quick wit and is a great artist. there are my 10. I didn't realize how hard that would be! There are so many people that have blogs that I read daily or at least when they post. Thank god for bloglines. It tells me when someone has updated their blog. Timesaver! LOL

Friday, February 15, 2008

Today was not the day to forget my camera!

I really didn't forget it per se. I looked at it this morning as it was sitting on my desk, and thought, should I take it. My usual thought to myself is yes...take it. You never know, but this morning, I said Na....I won't need it. Yes I talk to myself. I am actually quite a fun person to talk to. LOL So anyways, back to my story. On the way to lunch today, we saw Elvis. He was driving an old cadallic or lincoln with a license plate that said Elvis. He was the older heavier Elvis but, It was Elvis! LOL Only in Vegas right? On the way back from lunch, we were driving through the seedier part of town and passed a small bar that had a sign outside that said they had the loosest sluts around! LOL Somebody obviously either didn't know how to spell SLOTS, or did it on purpose to attract attention! got my attention. I will have to go back with my camera and take a picture of that. Maybe I will see Elvis again too! From now on...the camera is staying in the purse!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winners of OWOH Giveaway

One World One Heart has come to an end and here are the winners. First one is Chris P of Evidence of an Artistic Life. She has won the Dear John Flower. And the second Winner is Charlie McGee. She won the personalized one. I just want to say thank you to everybody who entered. It was such an amazing experience. I have found so many new artists whose work is fantastic. Just stay tuned though because my one year blog anniversary is coming up in March and I will be doing another giveaway for that.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Done with Provence Theme Submission

Here is a smidgen of it. Of course I always get finished at the last minute. I will be overnighting it. So we shall see if this gets in. I learned my lesson the first time about shouting out to the world about it! At least I am submitting. I already have part of the next submission done for the Halloween Theme. It's something I started last year when they had the vintage Halloween theme and never got done. LOL...well this year is my year for submitting. I guess we will see how many times I can get my art published. I really like this Provence theme piece I just created.

Just a reminder, tomorrow morning I will be picking the winner of the OWOH giveaway. You have until midnight tonight to leave a comment on my one world one heart post. Good Luck!

Monday, February 11, 2008


This whole One World One Heart thing has just taken off! I am amazed at the number of comments I have received and even more amazed at the number of people that have joined and are still joining. I have found some wonderful new blogs to read. If you haven't signed up for my giveaway, click on the picture to leave a comment to sign up.

I have decided that for my second piece that I am giving away, I will make it personalized with the person's initial like the one I did here. Gotta go check out some more blogs! TTFN

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Day in the Life of Cindy-Part 2 the Weekend

So I thought that my weekday was a pretty boring example of what my life is like in Las Vegas and a number of people enjoyed following my day, so I decided to do one more day. Today starts of like any other day...except, this time, I was ready for him. I caught him in the act! LOL Spoiled Cat. "What are you looking at?" he says. "So what if I have water on my head. What's it to ya? I'm just gonna shake it off and get your mirror all spotty. That's what you get for laughing at me." Then I go to my computer and chat with my sisters Lynn in Philly and Sandy in Istanbul online for awhile. The internet is such a great thing. It keeps us connected! I am multitasking and checking out this book I just saw an ad for. It's called Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh.
Why am I looking at this book? Hmmm...does this picture tell you anything??? LOL Now you know why one of my goals this year is to be paperless!
Then I say good bye to Megan. "Bye Megan" "Mom! Your so annoying!"
The hubby has already left the house this morning to help his friend with his bike so off I Oh...Missy needs to go out first...
Bye Mister.
Hmmm...what do I want to drink? No beer for me, I am driving. Fresca it is. This is the Garage fridge. You saw the house one last time.
It's off to Borders to get that book. As I am walking up, one older lady is saying something to another one (not in a nice tone) about haircolor and about the french....can you say whacko? Then she turns around and says, "and I drive a BMW you b___h." Would you like to play hangman again? Only 3 letters to fill in and it rhymes with witch. LOL I giggle and walk into the store. I am sure she had a few choice words for me laughing at her.
I can't go into a book store without stopping by the magazine section. Hmmmm??? Are there any new ones I don't have?? I really do have a problem. LOL If I had to give up would be devastating to me.
Then I am off to the bead store. I shop for awhile and leave with my little bag full of gems. You'll see some later in this post.
Then to the furniture store. I want to take a picture of the bedroom set I want so I can show to the hubby. Bonus time is coming and this is what I want! I have just fallen in love with this! I love the two tones. Black and the wood. And this time...I want the Armoire. I want my bedroom to be my oasis and if I am sick, I want to be able to lay in bed and watch TV!
Ooooohhhhhh. I have found something else I like! I love this couch and chair! I have been looking for something that has both red and brown in it. And the couch is soooooo comfy! It's sooooooo soft. you think I can talk him into both???? LOL...we shall see.
As I leave RC Willey, I decided to take a picture of my favorite trees. Creepy Italian Trees and Sandra Oh says in the movie Under a Tuscan Sun. my favorite little home store.
Oh No! Going out of business!!!!! What a bummer. I go in and there is barely anything left! I was just there a couple of weeks ago and it was jam packed full of stuff! I knew I should have bought that pot rack I loved when I saw it. See...that's what happens when you wait!
Time to have lunch. I decide to eat lunch by myself and read some of my book while I am there. PF Changs. Yummy. I have Lettuce Wraps and Changs Spicy Chicken.
Here's my fortune:
How long??? I hate waiting! Done with lunch with my doggie bags in tow. That is my dinner also since hubby won't be home for din-din.
Here's where I would really like to live!!! One Queensridge. Considering Shaquille O'Neal owns a place here, I would say it's a LITTLE out of my league. But one can dream can't I?
Then I go to Trader Joes.
I am looking for some honey that I can't find at regular grocery stores. What kind you ask?

The kind in this ice cream! It has the best flavor! I love this ice cream. Hey...I think I found what makes my butt look fat! LOL...I didn't have to buy that book after all!
Back on the highway to home.
71 degrees. What a beautiful day it was! A nice change from the cold and wet weather we have had. It's days like these as to why I love Las Vegas.
So, I went home and watched TV for awhile and then came up to my room. Here is the lovely Ametrine I bought. Of course I am going to make some flowers out of it.
And here I sit, putting this all together on my blog. It's only 7:30pm, so I think I will go and read some more while I have peace and quiet in the house. I am still waiting for everyone else to show me their day! Hint Hint!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of Cindy

People are always asking what it is like to live in Las Vegas and do I like it. For the most part it is just like living anywhere else. I never go down to the strip unless family is in or I really really want to go shopping for something at a store that is only located at one of the Casino's or the Fashion Show Mall. Some of my favorite stores down there are Z Gallerie, Dept 56, and Sur La Table So here is my typical or not so typical day. Be warned this is a long post. Every morning I get up and get ready for work. My kitty Sammy, comes into the bathroom with me and waits for me to turn on the faucet for him to drink out of.
I say good bye to Megan- "Bye Megan" "Bye Mom-your so weird!" LOL
Then I say good bye to Missy who always stands on the couch. She hates to have her picture taken so she turns her head.
Then I drive to work. Here are the mountains to the East. The sun is coming up and it's a chilly day.
Here is the morning traffic on I-15. Typical rush hour or should I say HOURS traffic. You can see the stratosphere off to the left, The Wynn is the Bronze one above the silver car and Trump tower is on the right. The Gold one.
Oh, look, Jen is getting here the same time I am...hmmmm is she sick? She is on time???? LOL
I walk into my office. Not so clean anymore and with the auditors here, my desk is a MESS!!'s time for my morning Soda. That is my coffee.
A little while latter, I bust out the sunflower seeds. Gotta have my salt fix. It's THAT time, so I go back and forth between my salt and sweet cravings. LOL...I know...TMI. Or as my sister Susie would say T-I-M. LOL Long story but my sisters will laugh.
I have a bunch of paper work to go to the auditors and they are across the parking lot at the "Mother Ship" as Frank the owner would call it. So out the door I go... In the summer when it's 115 I hate to go over there...The heat walking across the parking lot is UNbearable.
Here I am....walking. I just canceled my day off that I was gonna take this week on friday. To much to do with work and all. Gotta love audits.
I think I might need this bottle of Gin that is under my desk.'s been there since Christmas. I'll just keep it there in case of a real emergency.
The auditors are getting on my nerves. Sometimes, they ask the most stupid questions! Can this day get any more irritating? Lets ask the Magic 8 Ball. This is no normal magic 8 ball. It's a Lemony Snicket magic 8 Ball. I love Lemony Snicket. Read all the books. They are definitely better than the movie. Anyways, back to the question. Can this day get any more irritating?
Oh No!!!! LOL Calamity Confirmed!
Just as I was about to give up sister Sammy IM's me. Hi Sammy Ammy. She was just saying hi before she went home for the night. She lives in Istanbul Turkey, and it was almost midnight her time. They have their own business and she works all kinds of hours. Crazy Girl.
Time to go home. Hop in the car and listen to my favorite radio station.
getting back on the highway to head back home. Gotta love the traffic.
Heading West here are the mountains...These are the mountains heading North. And the ___hole in the silver car that cut me off just a minute earlier... Do you want to play hangman to figure out the rest of the letters? LOL There are only 3.
And...we pay just as much at the pump! Can you believe this is ok? When the oil companies are posting record profits. Not just millions but Billions! Something is wrong with that picture.
I get home and I go down the street to the mailbox to get the mail. No personal mailboxes for us. They have these little cluster boxes for everyones mail.
Ok...You just have to love getting a Subpoena in the mail. No, I am not in trouble. A while back I was a witness to a guy that rammed his car into another car on purpose! I called 911 and took the guys license plate down and then identifed the car when the police stopped him a couple miles down the road. It was just such an insane thing to see. So, I get to go to court and testify.
So...I come home. Look in the fridge and freezer. Whats for dinner?'s Wednesday Night. Boy's night, Hubby hangs out with his friend Byron. No cooking for me. Megan is at a friends house so I am gonna make me a treat. Shrimp Cocktail. Of course I use beer in the water that I boil the shrimp in. Make them taste so much better. Mmmmmm. Yummy.
And now, here I sit at my computer, posting my blog and listening to the guys talking downstairs. Loudly they are talking...the more beer they drink. I will be driving Byron home in a little while. He will be toasted.
So...that is a day in my life. Pretty boring huh? LOL What are your days like? Post it on your blog and then let me know so I can check it out!