Here they are...

Here is what I spent time on this weekend. I created my giveaway for One World One Heart. Here is is. I call it Dear John. If you would like to enter to win, find my post about this event and leave a comment. It's really a fun event.
Next is a commision piece
The next three will be listed on Etsy First is Devilish
Then It's a Red Letter Day
and finally, It's not easy being Green


So pretty! toss my name into the hat, and thanks for tossing yours in mine.
Catherine said…
These are amazing!! I saw the one you made Deryn Mentock and that was gorgeous too! Very creative idea.

THANK you for visiting and I'll be posting about the give away later this afternoon
Cindy my dear these are scrumptious loving them all especially the R as it is part of my monogram after all.
Gemma said…
Wow Fantastic!!
Thank you for entering my giveaway...and now I'd love to enter yours.
Artseyanne said…
Love your work, please include me, thanks for visiting.

Jackie said…
Lovely....thanks for dropping by my blog and I really like yours!!Toss me into the hat...I hope I win!!! Jackie
Anonymous said…
These are BEAUTIFUL. WOW!!!