Sunday, November 4, 2012

Penny #2

I am working on my pennies to leave around the city.  Working from photo's I have taken here and there.  The thing about painting in miniature is that the paint dries so fast!  I need and extender so I can work it better.   But I am learning as I go and I think the more I do the better I will get!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Abandonment...Penny #1

A while back, I did a post on pennies.  They seem not valued anymore.  As a kid if you found a penny you were excited, but now people just pass them up and leave them to lay around the streets unless someone sees it heads up and thinks it's good luck.  As in my previous post, I said I was going to start picking up all those pennies.  It was hard sometimes because you feel kinda foolish picking up a penny in the middle of the street and if you believe superstitions it's even harder when tails is face up.  Now I have about 28 pennies that I have picked up randomly through out NYC.  I always wondered how was I going to follow up on my penny post until I stumbled across this article:Tiny Paintings on Pennies by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs. 
She is an AMAZING artist and I was inspired by this!
I had joined a Facebook Group called Art Abandonment awhile back and when I saw this article I knew that I was going to give NYC back those pennies.  Now above is my first try at mini painting on a penny.  It's not a masterpiece but I think it's cute none the less. I have 4 more in the works for now and will be posting them when they are finished.  I think tomorrow I will go and abandon my penny in Manhattan.  Haven't decided where yet and then I am going to watch to see if anybody picks it up.  Maybe they will keep it, maybe they will spend it but I'm pretty sure they won't throw it away.  If they toss it back to the ground, maybe someone else will pick it up....who knows where the penny will go....I may never know...but that's ok.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

And they say New Yorkers are rude....

This guy was sleeping on the train this morning and everyone was stepping over his legs and working around him.. Nobody disturbed him. It was nice seeing people be nice. Lol

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Missing Link!

So I have been in a funk....a FOUR YEAR funk....and I kept asking myself what do I want and I can't seem to figure it out....I try and make a list of things I SHOULD do to get where I want to go but it seems I end up blank.  I just can't seem to make myself do anything...  I have a zillion unfinished projects and ideas but no drive to finish them.  Then yesterday as I am asking myself who am I, I get an email....  It's my daily tune up from Yehuda Berg.   It says.....

We can’t get what we want by having a fantasy about it. We have to be willing to do something to make it happen.

Maybe you haven’t been willing to get up an hour earlier to go to the gym for a fit body, or maybe you would rather be liked then upset your colleagues with a new idea.

What haven’t you been willing to do to make your dreams come true? Whatever the answer is, it’s the missing link!
This answer is the only thing missing in turning your dreams into a reality!

THAT'S IT!!!!  And all of a sudden I had a list.....a list of all the things I am not was so much easier to make a list of things I wasn't doing than the things I should be doing!!  I have always been a rebel to's all about my dad...LOL  trust me I know this...doesn't change the way I think though.  If you TELL ME I should be doing something I am likely to do the opposite just because I don't like being told what to do....even if it's detrimental to me.  I've gotten much better thru the years...hence my success in many areas of my life but it still is there...lurking, waiting for someone to push that button.  So now I have a list....a list of things to check off one step at a time... (Yes Lynn(my sister the list maker), a list...LOL) So from now on I will be looking at things with a different perspective....what am I NOT doing and THAT may just get me to where I want to be....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 2 Painting #2

I figured since I was done early today I would actually post on the day I did it.  I call this "Salad"  LOL  I actually like my tomato but not my lettuce so much.  I did alot of mixing colors for this as I only have a little 12 piece travel watercolor set.  I do have watercolor pencils but I just want to get used to regular watercolors.  I will have to get some other watercolor paper though!  I had bought these Crescent Artist Trading Cards for watercolor and they are sooooooo flimsy.  Won't buy them again.  I usually make my own but I was taking them on a trip with me...which of course I never used.  So I figured I would try them now.  My first 2 paintings are on them...but I'm switching them tomorrow! Painting these now gets me in the mood to do the art journaling that I have been wanting to do.  I'm always afraid because I want things to be perfect.  But if I don't do it, I will never get better!  So I have started somewhere....feeling much better.

30 Little Paintings in 30 Days.

Here is my first watercolor ATC that I painted last night.  I'm following Jane Ann Wynn while she does her paintings.  She is what prompted me to do this challenge.  I needed a kick in the ass to get my creativeness going!!  I've been wanting to use watercolor more so I am trying my skills at it.  Here is my inspiration photo.
So stay tuned to see my progress.  I'm hoping that my skills will improve with in the next 30 days and I will be able to see the progress.  Come join us in the project...It would be fun to see everybody's work.  Make sure to click on the link to Jane.  She does spectacular work.  :) 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where to begin.....again?

I have no more room is clean and organized, I have a ton of supplies, yet I am overwhelmed at what to start with to get back on my creative track. It's been a little more than 3 years since I seriously pursued my art as more than a hobby and now it is time to get it into gear. I have so much jewelry stuff and I feel guilty for the amount of money that is sitting in a pile of gemstones, findings and string.....maybe I should make a bunch of things to sell and get rid of my jewelry stuff, maybe have a de-stash sale as I don't want to do the jewelry stuff anymore. I like painting and encaustics. I have a multitude of unfinished projects there as well.... Suggestions??? Where does one start??? HELP!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Next Great Artist follow-up

See prior post if you don't understand where this came from. here is my project I did. LOL Not so hot but if I was there I would have spent alot more time and it would have been bigger. But I think I would have stayed anyways because at least I used the newspaper and it had some relevance to the task. LOL I am so gonna apply if the have a 3rd season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist-Episode 5

Has anyone been watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo? I have, and each time I watch, I automatically start thinking of what I would make and how much better it would be than some of the artists. But then I think, it must be hard, the pressure of the TV, and all these other creatives around you giving you advice of criticism so that you start to second guess yourself. It's interesting to see how the artists go through their creative process. I decided to put up or shut up and challenge myself (and anyone who wants to join me) to the challenge that they had on episode 5. Ripped from the headlines. The artists must create a piece of art that illustrates a headline which strikes a cord with them. So now I am off to read today's paper and find a headline to create a piece about. Stay tuned as I will post tomorrow the outcome.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A new direction in my art....

Whenever I go to art retreats, I try and buy one piece of art so that I can have something from a favorite teacher or artist that I get to meet at the retreat. Here is my piece from Julie Haymaker Thompson, when I went to Art & Soul Las Vegas. I almost didn't get on the plane back home because of the protractor used in the piece. The TSA agents were looking at it and then they were trying to pull it off. I told them..."don't pull to hard you'll break my piece of art!" Well they let me on the plane but that was a lesson time I would ship it home. The piece below I bought from Debbie Egizio. We were both at the Creative Connection and it was the first time I had got to meet her in person. We have been blog buddies for a long time. She is just so sweet and talented.On my trip to Art Unraveled, I bought this piece below from DJ Pettitt. I love taking her classes and have learned so much from her.

So each time I look at these I remember what I was doing, how it made me feel. It's like looking at pictures and being brought back to a certain place and time, but more often than pictures. You see, my pictures, well they pretty much stay on the computer. I used to scrapbook but I think I have completed about 6 pages out of all the stuff I had and have. How often do people bring out their photos? I'm gonna guess and say...not very often. And since I started buying art while going to art retreats I have also been buying art pieces from when I go on vacation.

This bowl I got the first time I went to Turkey with all my sisters. It sits on my coffee table and I am reminded everyday of that wonderful trip.

Below is my beaded chicken from Mexico. He's had kinda a rough time as he fell off of the shelf where I originally had him and some of his beads fell off. But even with the missing beads, he still does his job of reminding me how beautiful it was in Mexico. The artist was outside the shop making another piece so I got to see how it was done.

And....the point of all this??? I have decided to create art that will remind me of a place I have been. Something that I have remind me....of the special times and how lucky I am to see this amazing world we live in....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts....

Today as I was waiting in line at Starbucks, a gentleman was walking out the door and pulled his hand out of his pocket and out fell a penny....and it sat there...many people walked in and out...and even the guy mopping the floors left it there. When I was done with my order and I was standing waiting for a table to open up, I watched it...thinking, I should pick it up. It seems that a penny is not that important to people these days. If I picked it up would I have good luck? You know the sayings; Find a penny pick it up, and all day long you will have good luck. Or maybe I would have bad luck, many times have I passed a penny and left it because it had the tail side know the other side of the old superstition.

There are many phrases about pennies. I would call my friend Jen a PENNY PINCHER. LOL She is pretty thrifty. And what about the pharse "A bad penny always comes back." Is there really a BAD PENNY?? I don't think so...but who knows. I think I am going to gather all the pennies and coins I find on the ground and put them in a jar and see how much I can collect. Maybe it will pay for a nice vacation one day! Because you know...they cost a PRETTY PENNY! Or is that just being PENNY WISE and a pound foolish? Anyway you look at it, a PENNY SAVED is a penny earned... I am on a quest now to find change... Just giving you my 2 cents....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is my true purpose in life?

Do you believe that life has a plan for you? Sometimes I think it does but that I am NOT LISTENING very well. Or maybe, you have to go thru things to get to the place where you need to be. I have been letting life lead me around because it's the easy way out...I need to take it by the horns and lead it to where I want to go! But do I really know where I want to go or do I just think that is where I want to go but when I get there it won't be what I I talking in circles??? I ordered a book yesterday. It is called CALLINGS Finding and following an authentic life by Gregg Michael Levoy. If you click on the book it will take you to Amazon. I am going to read this in hopes of maybe somehow helping me to find my path to what I was meant to do on this earth. We shall see....I have been saying that I am going to do alot of things for the last few years for them to all get shoved to the side....What do I really want for my life????? THAT is the unanswered question and it has to do with a feeling than an thing I think....

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I truly believe that things happen for a reason and I also believe I have a guardian angel. I was in a accident right before Christmas...I was OK, just a little banged up but my car was not. I just found out the other day that they totaled my car. I cried at first as for most of my life, my car has represented a part of my personality. I felt like I was losing that part when I lost my car. I did alot of thinking about what I really want in life. I could go out and buy a new hot rod to tool around in, but with that comes the big payment. I decided that I would be practical. Somehow, me and the word practical have not gone hand in hand in the past! But...I would like to do other things with my money then put it into a car that the minute you drive off the lot it loses 25% of its value. I want to travel....I want to try new, I made the decision that I am going to get a used car, not expensive, that can take a beating because I live in NYC where people DO NOT care what the bumpers of their cars look like! It's a new me...and I am thankful that I have an opportunity to change the direction of my life... For the past few days, I have noticed a homeless persons shopping cart on the side of the road going up to the GW Bridge. And every time I see it, I say to thankful. Be thankful you have a warm place to live, a car to drive and money to spend...

I am still doing my creativity project...It has been quick projects but I am still going along....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3....

Daily Creativity Project Day 3, Prompt 21 in the book. Write a 10 word love story and illustrate it;I am liking this creativity exercise. I realize that I don't have to create a masterpiece everyday, but in doing something creative everyday, it brings out more ideas for other projects. I started keeping a sketch book handy so I could draw out my ideas and write the words that I think of. I really like doing things with a play on words, or things that could be interpreted in different ways. On work days I have to do quick projects because my time is so limited at home. I have decided that I probably will have multiple projects going because it's hard to finish a project when you need drying time etc. I have one project in mind and I can't wait to see if it works! If it does then I have a plan for a series of them! Stay tuned after this weekend because that is when it should be done!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long day...

I do like going up to Vermont for the weekend...the only part I dislike is the travel back. So tonight is a short blog on my Project 365 as we got home, I worked on the project, and it is not complete as I have to let it dry for 24 hours before I paint it. But here it is...don't laugh..LOL
The project was to work with clay. I had bought the air dry clay...oh...probably 8 months ago, LOL, to play around with it and I never did. I kinda like playing with it. Maybe I will try some more things with it. I like using the wire with it too. When this is dried I will paint it and then it will say "Grow Where you are Planted" on the 3 hearts. That is my way of saying make the best of where you are at now. Explore, dream discover....