Work of Art: The Next Great Artist-Episode 5

Has anyone been watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo? I have, and each time I watch, I automatically start thinking of what I would make and how much better it would be than some of the artists. But then I think, it must be hard, the pressure of the TV, and all these other creatives around you giving you advice of criticism so that you start to second guess yourself. It's interesting to see how the artists go through their creative process. I decided to put up or shut up and challenge myself (and anyone who wants to join me) to the challenge that they had on episode 5. Ripped from the headlines. The artists must create a piece of art that illustrates a headline which strikes a cord with them. So now I am off to read today's paper and find a headline to create a piece about. Stay tuned as I will post tomorrow the outcome.