Art Abandonment...Penny #1

A while back, I did a post on pennies.  They seem not valued anymore.  As a kid if you found a penny you were excited, but now people just pass them up and leave them to lay around the streets unless someone sees it heads up and thinks it's good luck.  As in my previous post, I said I was going to start picking up all those pennies.  It was hard sometimes because you feel kinda foolish picking up a penny in the middle of the street and if you believe superstitions it's even harder when tails is face up.  Now I have about 28 pennies that I have picked up randomly through out NYC.  I always wondered how was I going to follow up on my penny post until I stumbled across this article:Tiny Paintings on Pennies by Jacqueline Lou Skaggs. 
She is an AMAZING artist and I was inspired by this!
I had joined a Facebook Group called Art Abandonment awhile back and when I saw this article I knew that I was going to give NYC back those pennies.  Now above is my first try at mini painting on a penny.  It's not a masterpiece but I think it's cute none the less. I have 4 more in the works for now and will be posting them when they are finished.  I think tomorrow I will go and abandon my penny in Manhattan.  Haven't decided where yet and then I am going to watch to see if anybody picks it up.  Maybe they will keep it, maybe they will spend it but I'm pretty sure they won't throw it away.  If they toss it back to the ground, maybe someone else will pick it up....who knows where the penny will go....I may never know...but that's ok.