Day 2 Painting #2

I figured since I was done early today I would actually post on the day I did it.  I call this "Salad"  LOL  I actually like my tomato but not my lettuce so much.  I did alot of mixing colors for this as I only have a little 12 piece travel watercolor set.  I do have watercolor pencils but I just want to get used to regular watercolors.  I will have to get some other watercolor paper though!  I had bought these Crescent Artist Trading Cards for watercolor and they are sooooooo flimsy.  Won't buy them again.  I usually make my own but I was taking them on a trip with me...which of course I never used.  So I figured I would try them now.  My first 2 paintings are on them...but I'm switching them tomorrow! Painting these now gets me in the mood to do the art journaling that I have been wanting to do.  I'm always afraid because I want things to be perfect.  But if I don't do it, I will never get better!  So I have started somewhere....feeling much better.