A Day in the Life of Cindy-Part 2 the Weekend

So I thought that my weekday was a pretty boring example of what my life is like in Las Vegas and a number of people enjoyed following my day, so I decided to do one more day. Today starts of like any other day...except, this time, I was ready for him. I caught him in the act! LOL Spoiled Cat. "What are you looking at?" he says. "So what if I have water on my head. What's it to ya? I'm just gonna shake it off and get your mirror all spotty. That's what you get for laughing at me." Then I go to my computer and chat with my sisters Lynn in Philly and Sandy in Istanbul online for awhile. The internet is such a great thing. It keeps us connected! I am multitasking and checking out this book I just saw an ad for. It's called Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh.
Why am I looking at this book? Hmmm...does this picture tell you anything??? LOL Now you know why one of my goals this year is to be paperless!
Then I say good bye to Megan. "Bye Megan" "Mom! Your so annoying!"
The hubby has already left the house this morning to help his friend with his bike so off I go...shopping. Oh...Missy needs to go out first...
Bye Mister.
Hmmm...what do I want to drink? No beer for me, I am driving. Fresca it is. This is the Garage fridge. You saw the house one last time.
It's off to Borders to get that book. As I am walking up, one older lady is saying something to another one (not in a nice tone) about haircolor and about the french....can you say whacko? Then she turns around and says, "and I drive a BMW you b___h." Would you like to play hangman again? Only 3 letters to fill in and it rhymes with witch. LOL I giggle and walk into the store. I am sure she had a few choice words for me laughing at her.
I can't go into a book store without stopping by the magazine section. Hmmmm??? Are there any new ones I don't have?? I really do have a problem. LOL If I had to give up magazines...it would be devastating to me.
Then I am off to the bead store. I shop for awhile and leave with my little bag full of gems. You'll see some later in this post.
Then to the furniture store. I want to take a picture of the bedroom set I want so I can show to the hubby. Bonus time is coming and this is what I want! I have just fallen in love with this! I love the two tones. Black and the wood. And this time...I want the Armoire. I want my bedroom to be my oasis and if I am sick, I want to be able to lay in bed and watch TV!
Ooooohhhhhh. I have found something else I like! I love this couch and chair! I have been looking for something that has both red and brown in it. And the couch is soooooo comfy! It's sooooooo soft. Hmmmm...do you think I can talk him into both???? LOL...we shall see.
As I leave RC Willey, I decided to take a picture of my favorite trees. Creepy Italian Trees and Sandra Oh says in the movie Under a Tuscan Sun.
Next...to my favorite little home store.
Oh No! Going out of business!!!!! What a bummer. I go in and there is barely anything left! I was just there a couple of weeks ago and it was jam packed full of stuff! I knew I should have bought that pot rack I loved when I saw it. See...that's what happens when you wait!
Time to have lunch. I decide to eat lunch by myself and read some of my book while I am there. PF Changs. Yummy. I have Lettuce Wraps and Changs Spicy Chicken.
Here's my fortune:
How long??? I hate waiting! Done with lunch with my doggie bags in tow. That is my dinner also since hubby won't be home for din-din.
Here's where I would really like to live!!! One Queensridge. Considering Shaquille O'Neal owns a place here, I would say it's a LITTLE out of my league. But one can dream can't I?
Then I go to Trader Joes.
I am looking for some honey that I can't find at regular grocery stores. What kind you ask?

The kind in this ice cream! It has the best flavor! I love this ice cream. Hey...I think I found what makes my butt look fat! LOL...I didn't have to buy that book after all!
Back on the highway to home.
71 degrees. What a beautiful day it was! A nice change from the cold and wet weather we have had. It's days like these as to why I love Las Vegas.
So, I went home and watched TV for awhile and then came up to my room. Here is the lovely Ametrine I bought. Of course I am going to make some flowers out of it.
And here I sit, putting this all together on my blog. It's only 7:30pm, so I think I will go and read some more while I have peace and quiet in the house. I am still waiting for everyone else to show me their day! Hint Hint!


HappyDayArt! said…
I will do it sometime soon, but I am not sure yet when. I am a little behind and need to do some serious catching up. You know, jewelry, class handouts, packaging trades, going to some of my daughter's swim meets. I will fit it in though. It's the organizing it all into a post that will take time. You'll know it when it happens. Maybe a couple of weeks.

As for this post, fancy bedroom set! I hope you do get it.

Kate said…

What fun. I will do it soon when I remember to. I saw the Oprah show where the book was featured and it was really good. Yes I have been de-cluttering ever since.

Jonna Barnett said…
Ha my day is pretty boring. Open the door to let dogs out open door let dogs in open door to let cats out open door to let one cat in and on and on.....Loved reading about your days. I have his first book and I did start the declutter process but then got side tracked, really need to get back on it.
abbymaya said…
LOVE the "Creepy Italian Trees"! That movie was awesome and I adore the book.

Great look into your day, it was much more eventful than mine. :)
KJ said…
I'm enjoying your little play by play, even thinking that my 20-year old daughter would make the same comment. Then I'm thinking that this place has to be somewhere near me... Well, almost, Vegas isn't that far from CA. It just looked familiar and it was obvious when I discovered where you live.

Thanks for the tour!