Today was not the day to forget my camera!

I really didn't forget it per se. I looked at it this morning as it was sitting on my desk, and thought, should I take it. My usual thought to myself is yes...take it. You never know, but this morning, I said Na....I won't need it. Yes I talk to myself. I am actually quite a fun person to talk to. LOL So anyways, back to my story. On the way to lunch today, we saw Elvis. He was driving an old cadallic or lincoln with a license plate that said Elvis. He was the older heavier Elvis but, It was Elvis! LOL Only in Vegas right? On the way back from lunch, we were driving through the seedier part of town and passed a small bar that had a sign outside that said they had the loosest sluts around! LOL Somebody obviously either didn't know how to spell SLOTS, or did it on purpose to attract attention! got my attention. I will have to go back with my camera and take a picture of that. Maybe I will see Elvis again too! From now on...the camera is staying in the purse!


Anonymous said…
Bummer, I'd like to have seen a picture of Elvis!! LOL SG