I am such a procrastinator. I have so many things I SHOULD be doing but I have been doing OTHER things. The one thing I did accomplish was to write my 850 word article for Belle Armoire and email it. I hope it is good enough. I guess we shall see. So, I only have 11 days left to get my provence theme submission to the magazine. I am gonna be gone 4 of them so that leaves my with 7 days. And...I have to work so that means even less time! Especially this week as our year end auditors are here and I will be busy, busy, busy with them. I should have been working on it this weekend but I didn't. I spent time on flowers! LOL Go figure. I have started the piece, the background is done. Bits and pieces are laid out on top of it, but that is about it. I guess it will be a challenge to see if I get it done.


Kate said…

I can tell that you procrastinated and made more jewelry because that is what you are comfortable with. You said before you don't think writing is your strong point. It sounds like you are setting up for that to be a problem. You said it will be a challenge to see if you get it done. I suggest you picture it finished and that the process will go easy for you and then just do it. Don't wait till the last day you have. Use the first amount of free time you have. It will work for you and it will be fantastic. Ok thats my pep talk for the day.