Done with Provence Theme Submission

Here is a smidgen of it. Of course I always get finished at the last minute. I will be overnighting it. So we shall see if this gets in. I learned my lesson the first time about shouting out to the world about it! At least I am submitting. I already have part of the next submission done for the Halloween Theme. It's something I started last year when they had the vintage Halloween theme and never got done. LOL...well this year is my year for submitting. I guess we will see how many times I can get my art published. I really like this Provence theme piece I just created.

Just a reminder, tomorrow morning I will be picking the winner of the OWOH giveaway. You have until midnight tonight to leave a comment on my one world one heart post. Good Luck!


Candice Elton said…
Hey gal,
This piece is amazing. And yes i wish you were coming to the nest also. It won't be the same without all of you nesters from last year. The weather in vegas looks wonderful why didn't we head down there instead.
Sherry said…
Cindy, I'm so pleased for you that you made the submission deadline, even if it was by a hair!! You submitted -- that is more than I have give me courage to risk!
kerrip said…
this glimpse of your provence piece is wonderful. it looks like a window in the french countryside, with wrought iron scrollwork. I look forward to seeing it in the pages of Somerset!!!