Have you ever put together a wish list?

For Christmas this year, I put out a wish list to my family. I made my sisters join in and it was so easy to really get people what they wanted. And my hubby even used it even though I thought he would never pay attention. What brought this up is I was browsing through pictures that I have saved to my computer in a file I call wish list. And the things that are saved there are kinda wacky! LOL I guess you could say I have UNIQUE wants. I decided to post some of the pictures here so everybody could know how nutty I am. LOL

Here is an alligator purse! I would so carry this around! It would be such a conversation starter.
I am a big Halloween fan and I just love this candle stick and the kitty in the pumpkin.And I would just love to have this towel rack/shelf in my bathroom. I am a sucker for scrollwork.Isn't this silverware lovely! I just love the laser etched design on it.I just love this magazine rack. It has an equestrian feel to it. And no Jen it doesn't have the sweet stench of horse on it! LOL Plus what a better way to have your magazines near by! And this console. I just love the aged look of it.And these key chains are so fun!
I guess you could say I have a wide variety of tastes. I love whimsical things and love to throw little bits of whimsy into every room of the house. I guess this list in a way, kinda tells what kind of person I am. What kinda of things are on your wish list?


Anonymous said…
I'm so with you on that alligator purse!! Where did you ever find that?
Judy said…
I am so not with you on the alligator purse - lol! Had a book press on my list and tripped over one the other day- so i bought it as they are a rare find here.