Saturday, February 2, 2008

While in AZ next week...

A few years ago, when we lived in Base Housing (my hubby was in the Air Force) I had started painting a mural on our dining room wall. Here is the unfinished product.

I never did finish it because we decided that he was going to retire from the military and we were going to move, so I would just have to paint over it. This was my first attempt at mural painting. Not to bad if I do say so myself. And what does this have to do with AZ you ask? Well, my sister Susie, has asked if I would help paint a mural for the kids room at where she works. A Doctors office. I am drawing up ideas now and when I am there I will be checking out the area and see if it's do able or if I would like to do it. Kids stuff is always so much more fun. So....should I or shouldn't I, that is my question. There are so many opportunities opening up to me this year.


Jen Gabaldon said...

Wow!! That is beautiful!

freebird said...

Come visit my blog and look under the label "family". You'll see some of the painting my daughter has done on the walls of her house. And these aren't the only walls she's painted.

Your mural started out really well.