About Time

I signed up for a PMC class today after seeing Catherine's post today on her blog. She does such beautiful work and I have had the stuff to do PMC for over 6 months now. Right Jen? Remember when I bought the stuff at Dick Blick??? But I have been to much of a chicken to try it on my own, so today, I was browsing the classes that they are having here in Las Vegas at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo and I saw one on Silver Clay and signed up. Yeah! No more excuses. I will be learning the basics soon.


Catherine said…
Now it's my turn to write OMG!

I've done my job.

Jen Gabaldon said…
That was only 6 month ago?!? Seems like it was a lot longer....i look foward to learning it too! Next is resin!
Kelly Snelling said…
hey cindy, i started a class with silver clay last week. i have it again tomorrow. i am thinking i like it but i'm not sure. but part of it is getting used to the teacher (and some of the other students who really want to be the teacher!). i hope you have a blast in your class!