Monday, June 29, 2009


For the last 3 days I have been sick...flu or no pictures...unless you want to see me in my pj's....what a scary site that would be. I have not left the apartment once in that 3 days. Tomorrow I do not care if I am not feeling well...I am breaking out of this joint! LOL I must or I will go insane. This weekend was rough on me emotionally. Got into an arguement with my boyfriend...through email....which really just sucks as a way of communicating for long distance. You can't hear tone or see body's just plain old hard. But we ended up IM'ing each other and talking it out once again. This long distance thing is very much wearing on my nerves....I love him so....I just want to be with him....but I commited to this trip. I just am finding it harder emotionally than I thought it would be. I got to IM Jennifer today. She always makes me laugh and I feel so much better after talking to her...It is a joy to be her friend! I am hoping that this coming weekend I can do some sightseeing in Istanbul. I will make Goktan or someone take me! I need to explore!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last night we went out with a few girls from the office. We went to dinner and a movie. Here is the restaurant we went to...Cafe de Paris. Not a great picture but the best I could do after we left as it was dark. From left to right It is Basak, my sister Sandy, Asli (I don't have the Turkish I one my keyboard so it sounds like Asla) and me.
The we walked to the movie theater and saw The Proposal. That is my new favorite Sandra Bullock movie. She is so funny. It was a very very good movie. I will buy it what it comes out. Then we went to a little English pub for a drink and then headed home. It was a good evening. I need socialization! LOL

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sightseeing and an evening out after my meltdown...

So yesterday, Goktan must have taken pity on me because the day before I was on the verge of crying all day. I had no sleep the night before...I was homesick and missing my kids, my boyfriend, my dog, my life. He called me and asked if I had dinner plans and I said no and he said are coming with me. He took me to meet some of his friends. Here he is with one of them, Pinar. Aren't they cute together...he had to bend down to take the picture because he is tall and she is short. Anyways....they took me to Bhagdad street. It is were all the upscale shopping and restaurants on the Asian side of the Bospherous. It was very nice.
This picture I took for Jen! It's one of the first words she wanted me to learn. Indirim is Turkish for discount. LOL...yes Jen...I learned it, I know it and I will use it! LOL
Of course I always take pictures of the locals.
I am liking the city streets here. They are crazy to drive on but nice to walk.
They took me to a park by the Bopherous and let me take pictures. It was very sweet of them to wait while I took so many! Like this kissing couple! LOL I couldn't resist. I have to show that Istanbul is just like everywhere else....
With all kinds of people. My brother in law says it's like NYC and I totally agree with him.
Goktan told me history behind some of the places. It is so amazing how old some of these buildings are.
I just love the water....So pretty
Then we went to a bar where another friend joined us and we all sat and chatted and laughed the evening away. I had to take the picture of this poster in the bar. I thought it was pretty funny to be sitting in a bar in Istanbul and see a poster about the world monopoly championship in Las Vegas....
I am glad I went instead of going home and burying my head in the pillows. I needed that. The language barrier gets to me sometimes. So....A week and a half into my experience....and I have already broken down and cried! quite Jennifer...I know I am a crybaby!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the kennels we go....

I went to bed early on Friday and woke up Saturday and it was another beautiful day out. Goktan and Basak picked me up but while I was waiting for them, I took this picture of the yard beside my sisters apartment. It is so pretty and peaceful... Then we drove to the kennels. Here is Goktan....He is such a character. Crazy guy. He must be to like being attacked by dogs! I don't care if he does have a bite suit on!
I was shown around the kennels again. It really is a nice place. They have fruit trees in the backyard. I have no idea what kind of tree this was but I loved the bright orangy red of these flowers.
Then we went to see the puppies. They have them in all ages. They were just so cute!
Below were my favorites. They were the sweetest little things. Not so sweet when they grow up...but for now....
And here is Goktan training one of the dogs. It was very interesting to watch.
I saw so many dogs I don't know how they keep track of who is who.....I stayed at the kennel till around 4:30 and then Goktan took me home. We had our dictionaries with us again! LOL Something I realized when talking with him during the day was how much slang we use in the States. Sometimes my choice of phrases didn't translate well so I had to figure out another word that would get my point across. It is something that we take for granted over there that people know what we are talking about. Saying something like "he flipped his lid". LOL Try explaining that one... Every day I am learning more and more Turkish. Just listening to the people and watching the commercials on TV help. We went grocery shopping yesterday too and even though I couldn't read the words...I pretty much knew what everything was because the packaging is very similar to that in the states. It was funny to go into the international isle and see the American food! LOL I can get Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup but it's gonna cost me 5 bucks a can!
Today was a lazy day....we did nothing but lay around and watch TV. Cleaned the house and made Chili for dinner. Tomorrow is work again....Hi Ho, Hi's off to work I go....LOL

Friday, June 19, 2009

Show & Tell

Today, since I didn't have to be at the office as early as my sister, I decided that I would stay home catch a few Zzzzzzzz's and then walk to work. It was a beautiful day. Not to hot not to cold...just right....with a slight breeze. I figured I would take a few pics to show you my journey. Here is a picture of where I now live for the next few months as I was walking away from the building.... There are a ton of little stores below all the apartment buildings. I would say it is very much like New York City, except they sell way more fresh fruits and vegatables. I had some peaches last night that were so awesome! I swear I could become a vegetarian here.
This was my view walking forward to work. It's only about a mile to walk to work. Not too bad. Get a little exercise. just gotta watch out when you cross the street. Turks don't like to stop and wait for anything! They hate lines! Any kind of line, traffic, in the store....they will just cut in front of you. New York City traffic will be a breeze after being here. It is just so opposite of how it is when you meet them. They are just soooooooo nice! Friendly....makes no sense...but Cest La Vie....
I guess there is a Katy Perry concert coming....LOL I just liked the look of the wall...
Cute little traffic sign. Have no idea what it says except no parking...LOL I think we should have little heart traffic cones in the USA. LOL final destination....where I go to work with my sister......
Today was a good day. No mall food court today. After work I walked home too. I was not in the mood to go my sister and her hubby are still at work slaving away. I am going to bed as soon as I finish this post as they have wore me out for the week! TGIF!!! Well...not really cause tomorrow I head to the Kennels to check out that.....
I have to find time to create something soon....maybe I will do a sketch or something......We shall see....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another day in Istanbul. Hmmm...I was at work all day. We went to the mall food court again for lunch. I again went the safe route and today I ate Burger King...LOL Whopper tastes the same as in the states. No difference. Maybe next week I will try one of the Turkish places. LOL After work, Goktan asked my sister if he could take me to dinner to discuss K9 Business. She told him to have me home no later than 10pm. LOL and she asked where he was taking me...LOL I felt like she was my mother. So off we went. It felt weird to be out and about in Istanbul without my security blanket (my sister). So we went to a Turkish restaurant and he picked out food and I just ate what was in front of me. It was awesome! LOL I have no idea what it was but it was good. I think one thing was like a stuffed eggplant. Have no idea. I will make Goktan tell my sister tomorrow what we had and she can then tell me...LOL After dinner he drove down by the Bospherous to what we in the states would call a hooka lounge. This is where we did most of our talking. It was a sight. Me with my 3 inch English to Turkish dictionary and him with his 3 inch Turkish to English dictionary. LOL I can only imagine what people were thinking. He speaks pretty good english but some words we get stuck on. Here is the view from the lounge.
The weather was perfect. It was a good evening. After we were done talking he drove me back to where my sister was favorite place...LOL and I sat with them where I got to eat my favorite fruit! Kavun. That is Turkish for Cantalope type melon. So again....I didn't get home till 11pm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today at lunch we went to the mall for lunch. As I was standing looking around the food court, Basak giggled at me. She said I looked totally lost. And I was....I was thinking to myself that I needed to learn Turkish fast!!! That I was totally dependent of those around me to communicate with anybody but them. It is not a good feeling for me. I have issues with feeling dependent...ask my boyfriend!! Ask my ex! That is probably the single biggest cause of our marriage breakdown is that he needed to be needed and I am totally against needing anyone. LOL I obviously have issues. So my plan of attack tomorrow is to sit down with my lessons and hit it hard all day and see what sinks in. I have about 50 or so words that I know now. But it is not enough for me. Before when I was here it was no big deal as it was only for a week at a time...but now I will be here for months....I need to take care of myself.

So anyways, here is the view from my bedroom window. It is the city life. Last night a street cleaner woke me up out of my very good sleep. It is nice to sleep with the windows open. We are high enough not to have to worry. I just didn't like it last night!!! LOL
Going to dinner's almost 9pm. I am sure that we will be out late again....Ah such is the life at my little sisters! Crazy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We could use one of these...

So today was pretty uneventful. I got to go in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning to my sisters work. We had to take her cat to the vet first. So along the way I was taking in the sights and I saw this in my sister's neighborhood and a couple other neighborhoods. Come on...don't we all need a watermelon truck in America??? LOL How awesome is that. See those yellow melons....Those are the BEST things EVER!! OMG....I love them. I could eat them everyday! And here is another you don't see in the USA....McDonald's delivers here! And Burger King and KFC. LOL
Didn't get home till 11pm again....dinners here take about 3 hours! Just sitting, drinking, talking, eating.... I am beat though. The jetlag is killing me. I hope to get a good nights rest as I had no naps today. So I am off to La La land....

Monday, June 15, 2009

I have arrived....

Ok....I know I know.....I haven't blogged....but I couldn't connect to the internet from my computer and I needed it to be able to add pictures! I don't like blogging without pictures!!! Anyways, I am here in Istanbul. I arrived today...well actually yesterday as it is 1:30am. But I had to show people that it is modern. So here are a couple of pictures from the ride back from the airport.
See....pretty modern. Tomorrow I will be going into work with my sister. I look forward to all that offers. I am going to try and blog once a day....even if it is short.... I will be posting pics too. My adventures....etc. I have to take a picture of the Watermelon truck tomorrow. You will understand when you see it...LOL So all is ok in Cindyland....