Girls Night Out

Last night we went out with a few girls from the office. We went to dinner and a movie. Here is the restaurant we went to...Cafe de Paris. Not a great picture but the best I could do after we left as it was dark. From left to right It is Basak, my sister Sandy, Asli (I don't have the Turkish I one my keyboard so it sounds like Asla) and me.
The we walked to the movie theater and saw The Proposal. That is my new favorite Sandra Bullock movie. She is so funny. It was a very very good movie. I will buy it what it comes out. Then we went to a little English pub for a drink and then headed home. It was a good evening. I need socialization! LOL


Anonymous said…
LOL....I saw that movie yesterday too!! I had to go by myself since my movie partner was watching it in Turkey :) It was a good movie, I loved it too :)

Lynn said…
What! You went without me? Didn't I invite you first? LOL