Another day in Istanbul. Hmmm...I was at work all day. We went to the mall food court again for lunch. I again went the safe route and today I ate Burger King...LOL Whopper tastes the same as in the states. No difference. Maybe next week I will try one of the Turkish places. LOL After work, Goktan asked my sister if he could take me to dinner to discuss K9 Business. She told him to have me home no later than 10pm. LOL and she asked where he was taking me...LOL I felt like she was my mother. So off we went. It felt weird to be out and about in Istanbul without my security blanket (my sister). So we went to a Turkish restaurant and he picked out food and I just ate what was in front of me. It was awesome! LOL I have no idea what it was but it was good. I think one thing was like a stuffed eggplant. Have no idea. I will make Goktan tell my sister tomorrow what we had and she can then tell me...LOL After dinner he drove down by the Bospherous to what we in the states would call a hooka lounge. This is where we did most of our talking. It was a sight. Me with my 3 inch English to Turkish dictionary and him with his 3 inch Turkish to English dictionary. LOL I can only imagine what people were thinking. He speaks pretty good english but some words we get stuck on. Here is the view from the lounge.
The weather was perfect. It was a good evening. After we were done talking he drove me back to where my sister was favorite place...LOL and I sat with them where I got to eat my favorite fruit! Kavun. That is Turkish for Cantalope type melon. So again....I didn't get home till 11pm.


Kate said…
Its seems strange that you are writing from Turkey, I still think of you as being in Vegas. I am enjoying reading about your journey.