To the kennels we go....

I went to bed early on Friday and woke up Saturday and it was another beautiful day out. Goktan and Basak picked me up but while I was waiting for them, I took this picture of the yard beside my sisters apartment. It is so pretty and peaceful... Then we drove to the kennels. Here is Goktan....He is such a character. Crazy guy. He must be to like being attacked by dogs! I don't care if he does have a bite suit on!
I was shown around the kennels again. It really is a nice place. They have fruit trees in the backyard. I have no idea what kind of tree this was but I loved the bright orangy red of these flowers.
Then we went to see the puppies. They have them in all ages. They were just so cute!
Below were my favorites. They were the sweetest little things. Not so sweet when they grow up...but for now....
And here is Goktan training one of the dogs. It was very interesting to watch.
I saw so many dogs I don't know how they keep track of who is who.....I stayed at the kennel till around 4:30 and then Goktan took me home. We had our dictionaries with us again! LOL Something I realized when talking with him during the day was how much slang we use in the States. Sometimes my choice of phrases didn't translate well so I had to figure out another word that would get my point across. It is something that we take for granted over there that people know what we are talking about. Saying something like "he flipped his lid". LOL Try explaining that one... Every day I am learning more and more Turkish. Just listening to the people and watching the commercials on TV help. We went grocery shopping yesterday too and even though I couldn't read the words...I pretty much knew what everything was because the packaging is very similar to that in the states. It was funny to go into the international isle and see the American food! LOL I can get Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup but it's gonna cost me 5 bucks a can!
Today was a lazy day....we did nothing but lay around and watch TV. Cleaned the house and made Chili for dinner. Tomorrow is work again....Hi Ho, Hi's off to work I go....LOL