Sightseeing and an evening out after my meltdown...

So yesterday, Goktan must have taken pity on me because the day before I was on the verge of crying all day. I had no sleep the night before...I was homesick and missing my kids, my boyfriend, my dog, my life. He called me and asked if I had dinner plans and I said no and he said are coming with me. He took me to meet some of his friends. Here he is with one of them, Pinar. Aren't they cute together...he had to bend down to take the picture because he is tall and she is short. Anyways....they took me to Bhagdad street. It is were all the upscale shopping and restaurants on the Asian side of the Bospherous. It was very nice.
This picture I took for Jen! It's one of the first words she wanted me to learn. Indirim is Turkish for discount. LOL...yes Jen...I learned it, I know it and I will use it! LOL
Of course I always take pictures of the locals.
I am liking the city streets here. They are crazy to drive on but nice to walk.
They took me to a park by the Bopherous and let me take pictures. It was very sweet of them to wait while I took so many! Like this kissing couple! LOL I couldn't resist. I have to show that Istanbul is just like everywhere else....
With all kinds of people. My brother in law says it's like NYC and I totally agree with him.
Goktan told me history behind some of the places. It is so amazing how old some of these buildings are.
I just love the water....So pretty
Then we went to a bar where another friend joined us and we all sat and chatted and laughed the evening away. I had to take the picture of this poster in the bar. I thought it was pretty funny to be sitting in a bar in Istanbul and see a poster about the world monopoly championship in Las Vegas....
I am glad I went instead of going home and burying my head in the pillows. I needed that. The language barrier gets to me sometimes. So....A week and a half into my experience....and I have already broken down and cried! quite Jennifer...I know I am a crybaby!


Good for you to go out instead. But I understand the tears - being away from home, especially with a language barrier is really tough, even when where you are is beautiful.
Nerissa Alford said…
Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Just beautiful. I love the heart cone :)
I'm thinking of you. I'm so sorry for your homesickness. Take care of yourself