Friday, October 26, 2007

Declare your dreams and intentions, loudly and often

Don't you just love that title! I read Kerri Posson's blog today and at the end, this is what she wrote:

Declare your dreams and intentions, loudly and often -- believe in them as you say them -- like Debi did on the school bus all those years ago. You'll be amazed at how the universe steps up to meet you.

I am so inspired by those words...I have been saying things loudly and often but not following the path to get them done...and it just struck me today when I read that. I have been going in the wrong direction...kinda...or just off the beaten now...I am going to start back on my right path! I just found the paved road after a detour on the dirt road. Hmmmm....Jen...remember the dirt road in Utah??? LOL Thanks Kerri for the brilliant words!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coming out of my fog

For the past month I have been in a state of hiding...but I feel like I am starting to come out of it. This morning, I took some pictures of the mountains that surround us in this valley that is called Las Vegas. I was driving in my car and they just called to me to take their pictures. Here is Sunrise Mountain...appropriately named as you can see...on the east side of the valley.

This is the first one I see every morning on my drive to work. With the days getting shorter, I am able to see the sunrise more often. Pretty soon, it will be dark when I am driving back and forth to work so I am enjoying these while I can. When I turn the corner down the street and look west, I am then presented with these beautiful mountains called Red Rock. The sky is smokey these last few day from the fires in California. It is all the talk around here as alot of people are from CA and still have family there. They are in my thoughts and prayers and the visual smoke everyday is a reminder that....for me...I am lucky. Lucky to be safe, lucky to be alive and just plain old lucky so I need to quit wallowing in my own self pity and happy and move on.

Monday, October 15, 2007

In a weird state

Ever since the "Turmoil" I have been in a weird state of being. I don't know why the whole incident affected me the way it has but I can't seem to get back into gear. I have done no art to speak of except for Jen's necklace...I don't even have a desire to do anything. I can't even explain my feelings...I have just been dragged into this void of....the doldrums...that's a good word for it. Like in the Phantom Tollbooth. I think I am going to have to read again how Milo got out of the doldrums. Maybe I could use that advice and pull myself out too....Now I need to find my book...hmmmm Where could it be?

Friday, October 12, 2007


If I do say so myself, I do have a beautiful daughter! I was looking through some pictures tonight and I found these that she had scanned from her trip to Kentucky this summer. These 2 are my favorites. I love the little yellow flowers that she is surrounded by.And the black and white... In these days of color...sometimes it's beautiful to see pictures in black and white.

and this picture was altered with the kodak program using what they call coloring book. I think it's pretty cool. She is ALWAYS taking pictures of herself. Alot of them have Mister...our kitty in them.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

For Jennifer

I told Jen that I would create her a Cindy Dean original. So here it is. She has had many losses this year and I wanted to make something special. I hope you like it Jen. I shall bring it to you tomorrow at work.

Of course my influences are Nina Bagley and Deryn Mentock and Catherine Witherell. I used steel, rose quartz, and a vintage optical lens. I learned some of my steel technique from taking Richard Salleys class last year when he was here in Vegas.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today was a day of rest. That is all I did was sleep. And think....and sleep....and think. For some reason...the whole episode yesterday has affected me in ways I am still trying to understand. I am sure that I will pull myself out of this funk. But in the mean time...I will show you some of my favorite pictures I took before all the turmoil of yesterday.

Here is Jen waving. She always seems to be waving goodbye to me! LOL

Here is Jen again...acting like she was gonna hit Dale with her club. LOL...he was trying to concentrate but it wasn't working to well with us laughing. I think he called us shitheads. LOL
I really like this plant. How it sways in the wind. It was a pretty windy day.
And here is one of the waterfalls on the putting course. Very pretty.Tomorrow I will try and create art. I need to do something to bring myself out of this funk. I will post my creation when I am done. Maybe all this pent up emotion will come out into something wonderful!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Today was the day from hell. Well actually this evening was the evening from hell. We had a company function tonight at a local golf course. It was our annual Putt-a-thon for our employees. I wasn't going to go to this because of First Friday, but my boss was going to be out of town (that's always a bad sign cause all kinds of shit hits the fan when one or the other of us is gone) and he felt that I should be there. One of the girls that works for me, drank way to much. To the point of getting alcohol poisoning. This is just not any girl...she is someone I have know since she was a kid. Some of the girls, drank before the event and brought along their jug, yes I said jug, with them. By the time I arrived they were already 3 sheets to the wind. The tournament started and everybody was having fun. I was out taking pictures. A little while later, I was in the clubhouse and all of a sudden one of our superintendents is carrying her in and laying her on a table. She was totally unconscious. We tried to get her to tell us who she was and she barely slurred her name and that was about the last word from her. I made them move her out of public view because it was quite a scene. Everybody was debating whether to call 911 and I kept saying lets call 911. She was totally lifeless. I made sure she had a pulse and was breathing. She was kinda getting sick and I was holding her head up. There were a few other people there helping hold her up so she wouldn't choke. Finally the ambulance arrived and most of the girls went to the hospital with her. It scared me to see her so lifeless. Just 10 minutes before I had taken her picture and she was having so much fun. At about that time, all the guys were coming in from finishing the tournament and we were to have our dinner. I had to stay because I was the one with the credit card to pay for all this. But before I went into the dinner, I had to call my boss and let him know what happened. I had a pit in my stomach. Even though I had nothing to do with their drinking, I felt responsible. Of course my boss was concerned for her and I told him I would keep him updated. As I was getting ready to leave the event, Jen called me and told me that ____ was not responding still. Bad news. On the way to the hospital, I called my boss again and told him what Jen had told me. He told me that I needed to call our Safety Director and the owner of the company. At that point I just wanted to throw up. I got to the hospital and called the safety director. Then I called the owner. It was not a pleasant task. We were told that she would be ok. That she was going to have to sleep it off now. At this point I walked outside to call my boss and let him know that she would be ok. He thanked me for being there and taking care of all this and that is when I broke down. I told him I had to go...and I started crying. You know how when you are in the middle of a crisis situation, you don't have time for tears...but when you get to that point where you can all comes out. After I left the hospital, I pretty much had tears in my eyes all the way home. I have tears now. I am tired...sometimes it is hard to be the strong one, the one who takes care of it all, makes sure everyone is ok....sometimes, all you want is someone to hug you and tell you it's gonna be alright....I need that now...but I am all alone... :(

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another grateful day

I know I haven't been posting much lately. My little sister was in town last week so I was a busy beaver. Miss ya Sammy! Today was a good day for the most part. Have you ever woken up and just felt all is right with the world. That is how I felt this morning. Work was hectic but it still was a pretty good day. I feel grateful that I work with the people I do. I have great affection for most of them! LOL....I can't say all of course. I am grateful Jen is my right hand person. Without her...I would be lost. We have alot of fun at our office. We have our share of characters. My boss being the biggest one. But at this moment in time I wouldn't want anybody else for my boss. If you would have asked me a couple days ago I would have been cursing his name. LOL Isn't it funny how the people you work with become your 2nd family? We tease, we fight, we cry (mostly me in the office) LOL. We are in the middle of a build out of the office and it is in chaos. I can't wait to get it done. I am loving my new office. Right now I have 2 doors to the hallway, and the guys (big kids) like to walk thru one door and out the other...quite annoying but they think they are funny. I am sure it is just to bug me! LOL I will be taking pictures of that after they finish my closet. No still is not finished! So I leave you with pictures of what we see when we walk out our door at work. The new Trump Tower in Las Vegas. They are putting up the letters this week.

And her is Jen in her little Mercedes waving goodbye! Something is wrong with this picture. Doesn't she work for me??? And SHE is driving the Mercedes???? LOL Well actually at the time the picture was taken, her husband Mike was driving. Love ya Jen!