If I do say so myself, I do have a beautiful daughter! I was looking through some pictures tonight and I found these that she had scanned from her trip to Kentucky this summer. These 2 are my favorites. I love the little yellow flowers that she is surrounded by.And the black and white... In these days of color...sometimes it's beautiful to see pictures in black and white.

and this picture was altered with the kodak program using what they call coloring book. I think it's pretty cool. She is ALWAYS taking pictures of herself. Alot of them have Mister...our kitty in them.


these are so incredible and I love the black and white one so much..and that colorbook cute is that. She really is gorgeous, Cindy.
Life is good, yes?

May I post the gorgeous necklace that you made for me on my blog? d I have been hesitant to share mostly because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings that either THEY have not received such gifts...OR some silly guilt that they might not have sent a card or anything and I just didn't want to step on anyone heart. But I have altered my thinking a little bit. I might have to use your photo since the several I took do not seem to do it justice.

xox Rella
Amanda Elton said…
Wow! You have such a gorgeous daughter Cindy! I see so much of YOU in her, too. That necklace you made for Jen is wonderful!