Coming out of my fog

For the past month I have been in a state of hiding...but I feel like I am starting to come out of it. This morning, I took some pictures of the mountains that surround us in this valley that is called Las Vegas. I was driving in my car and they just called to me to take their pictures. Here is Sunrise Mountain...appropriately named as you can see...on the east side of the valley.

This is the first one I see every morning on my drive to work. With the days getting shorter, I am able to see the sunrise more often. Pretty soon, it will be dark when I am driving back and forth to work so I am enjoying these while I can. When I turn the corner down the street and look west, I am then presented with these beautiful mountains called Red Rock. The sky is smokey these last few day from the fires in California. It is all the talk around here as alot of people are from CA and still have family there. They are in my thoughts and prayers and the visual smoke everyday is a reminder that....for me...I am lucky. Lucky to be safe, lucky to be alive and just plain old lucky so I need to quit wallowing in my own self pity and happy and move on.


You just needed time away to meditate..that's all sweet pea...but welcome bach and thankyou for such lovely photos. Gratitude is a wonderful tonic, isn't it?

xo Rella
kerrip said…
Gorgeous mountains. I always think of the glitz and glitter when I think of Vegas, but these offer such a serene and beautiful view... glad you're back. Sometimes we need the down times, whatever triggers them. We can't always be in an 'up' state of mind.