Another grateful day

I know I haven't been posting much lately. My little sister was in town last week so I was a busy beaver. Miss ya Sammy! Today was a good day for the most part. Have you ever woken up and just felt all is right with the world. That is how I felt this morning. Work was hectic but it still was a pretty good day. I feel grateful that I work with the people I do. I have great affection for most of them! LOL....I can't say all of course. I am grateful Jen is my right hand person. Without her...I would be lost. We have alot of fun at our office. We have our share of characters. My boss being the biggest one. But at this moment in time I wouldn't want anybody else for my boss. If you would have asked me a couple days ago I would have been cursing his name. LOL Isn't it funny how the people you work with become your 2nd family? We tease, we fight, we cry (mostly me in the office) LOL. We are in the middle of a build out of the office and it is in chaos. I can't wait to get it done. I am loving my new office. Right now I have 2 doors to the hallway, and the guys (big kids) like to walk thru one door and out the other...quite annoying but they think they are funny. I am sure it is just to bug me! LOL I will be taking pictures of that after they finish my closet. No still is not finished! So I leave you with pictures of what we see when we walk out our door at work. The new Trump Tower in Las Vegas. They are putting up the letters this week.

And her is Jen in her little Mercedes waving goodbye! Something is wrong with this picture. Doesn't she work for me??? And SHE is driving the Mercedes???? LOL Well actually at the time the picture was taken, her husband Mike was driving. Love ya Jen!