Today was a day of rest. That is all I did was sleep. And think....and sleep....and think. For some reason...the whole episode yesterday has affected me in ways I am still trying to understand. I am sure that I will pull myself out of this funk. But in the mean time...I will show you some of my favorite pictures I took before all the turmoil of yesterday.

Here is Jen waving. She always seems to be waving goodbye to me! LOL

Here is Jen again...acting like she was gonna hit Dale with her club. LOL...he was trying to concentrate but it wasn't working to well with us laughing. I think he called us shitheads. LOL
I really like this plant. How it sways in the wind. It was a pretty windy day.
And here is one of the waterfalls on the putting course. Very pretty.Tomorrow I will try and create art. I need to do something to bring myself out of this funk. I will post my creation when I am done. Maybe all this pent up emotion will come out into something wonderful!


Jen Gabaldon said…
LOL....he did call us shitheads!!
Sweet Petunia said…
Look at that guys look like you are having so much fun! Hugs!