Today was the day from hell. Well actually this evening was the evening from hell. We had a company function tonight at a local golf course. It was our annual Putt-a-thon for our employees. I wasn't going to go to this because of First Friday, but my boss was going to be out of town (that's always a bad sign cause all kinds of shit hits the fan when one or the other of us is gone) and he felt that I should be there. One of the girls that works for me, drank way to much. To the point of getting alcohol poisoning. This is just not any girl...she is someone I have know since she was a kid. Some of the girls, drank before the event and brought along their jug, yes I said jug, with them. By the time I arrived they were already 3 sheets to the wind. The tournament started and everybody was having fun. I was out taking pictures. A little while later, I was in the clubhouse and all of a sudden one of our superintendents is carrying her in and laying her on a table. She was totally unconscious. We tried to get her to tell us who she was and she barely slurred her name and that was about the last word from her. I made them move her out of public view because it was quite a scene. Everybody was debating whether to call 911 and I kept saying lets call 911. She was totally lifeless. I made sure she had a pulse and was breathing. She was kinda getting sick and I was holding her head up. There were a few other people there helping hold her up so she wouldn't choke. Finally the ambulance arrived and most of the girls went to the hospital with her. It scared me to see her so lifeless. Just 10 minutes before I had taken her picture and she was having so much fun. At about that time, all the guys were coming in from finishing the tournament and we were to have our dinner. I had to stay because I was the one with the credit card to pay for all this. But before I went into the dinner, I had to call my boss and let him know what happened. I had a pit in my stomach. Even though I had nothing to do with their drinking, I felt responsible. Of course my boss was concerned for her and I told him I would keep him updated. As I was getting ready to leave the event, Jen called me and told me that ____ was not responding still. Bad news. On the way to the hospital, I called my boss again and told him what Jen had told me. He told me that I needed to call our Safety Director and the owner of the company. At that point I just wanted to throw up. I got to the hospital and called the safety director. Then I called the owner. It was not a pleasant task. We were told that she would be ok. That she was going to have to sleep it off now. At this point I walked outside to call my boss and let him know that she would be ok. He thanked me for being there and taking care of all this and that is when I broke down. I told him I had to go...and I started crying. You know how when you are in the middle of a crisis situation, you don't have time for tears...but when you get to that point where you can breathe....it all comes out. After I left the hospital, I pretty much had tears in my eyes all the way home. I have tears now. I am tired...sometimes it is hard to be the strong one, the one who takes care of it all, makes sure everyone is ok....sometimes, all you want is someone to hug you and tell you it's gonna be alright....I need that now...but I am all alone... :(


Lynn said…
I feel so badly for you. I hope you are feeling better now. You made great decisions in an awful situation. If you ever need someone to talk to, just call me. I don't care if it is in the middle of the night. I am there for you! You are never alone! You are loved!
abbymaya said…
It sounds like you did exactly the right things and there is nothing good about that situation! I'm really sorry you were left to deal with it by your self.

I hope today's a better day and everyone realizes how lucky they are to have someone with such a great head on their shoulders there to get them through it. Admittedly it sucks to be that person with said head on their shoulds to pick up the pieces! We're all here for you and sending good thoughts your way.
annilee said…
Cindy I feel sorry for you! Cole said it was pretty bad!!! I hope your day is better today. You did a great job under all the pressure! Sorry you had to deal with it! Take Care, Annilee
Jen Gabaldon said…
I am sending a big hug to you now! You definitley are our rock. In my family that is my job and i know how hard it can be. But when i am around you i feel safe and i know that we have someone who will always do their best to make sure we are ok. Thinking about all this has really made me realize just how much i depend on you. Thank you for being such a trusted friend. I don't know what i would ever do without you!!!!
suze said…
Also sending you a big hug. Tomorrow will be better.
Oh dear Pet.......I held my breath as I was reading. So afraid to possibly read the very worst. And then I just had tears for you...for the terrible fright....for the huge burden of responsibility....then the relief. It's no wonder you needed rest after. I am so sorry you had to go through this.........how lucky your boss is to have you.

xox Rella Big hugs