Friday, November 18, 2011

Next Great Artist follow-up

See prior post if you don't understand where this came from. here is my project I did. LOL Not so hot but if I was there I would have spent alot more time and it would have been bigger. But I think I would have stayed anyways because at least I used the newspaper and it had some relevance to the task. LOL I am so gonna apply if the have a 3rd season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist-Episode 5

Has anyone been watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo? I have, and each time I watch, I automatically start thinking of what I would make and how much better it would be than some of the artists. But then I think, it must be hard, the pressure of the TV, and all these other creatives around you giving you advice of criticism so that you start to second guess yourself. It's interesting to see how the artists go through their creative process. I decided to put up or shut up and challenge myself (and anyone who wants to join me) to the challenge that they had on episode 5. Ripped from the headlines. The artists must create a piece of art that illustrates a headline which strikes a cord with them. So now I am off to read today's paper and find a headline to create a piece about. Stay tuned as I will post tomorrow the outcome.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A new direction in my art....

Whenever I go to art retreats, I try and buy one piece of art so that I can have something from a favorite teacher or artist that I get to meet at the retreat. Here is my piece from Julie Haymaker Thompson, when I went to Art & Soul Las Vegas. I almost didn't get on the plane back home because of the protractor used in the piece. The TSA agents were looking at it and then they were trying to pull it off. I told them..."don't pull to hard you'll break my piece of art!" Well they let me on the plane but that was a lesson time I would ship it home. The piece below I bought from Debbie Egizio. We were both at the Creative Connection and it was the first time I had got to meet her in person. We have been blog buddies for a long time. She is just so sweet and talented.On my trip to Art Unraveled, I bought this piece below from DJ Pettitt. I love taking her classes and have learned so much from her.

So each time I look at these I remember what I was doing, how it made me feel. It's like looking at pictures and being brought back to a certain place and time, but more often than pictures. You see, my pictures, well they pretty much stay on the computer. I used to scrapbook but I think I have completed about 6 pages out of all the stuff I had and have. How often do people bring out their photos? I'm gonna guess and say...not very often. And since I started buying art while going to art retreats I have also been buying art pieces from when I go on vacation.

This bowl I got the first time I went to Turkey with all my sisters. It sits on my coffee table and I am reminded everyday of that wonderful trip.

Below is my beaded chicken from Mexico. He's had kinda a rough time as he fell off of the shelf where I originally had him and some of his beads fell off. But even with the missing beads, he still does his job of reminding me how beautiful it was in Mexico. The artist was outside the shop making another piece so I got to see how it was done.

And....the point of all this??? I have decided to create art that will remind me of a place I have been. Something that I have remind me....of the special times and how lucky I am to see this amazing world we live in....