Bring on 2011! Happy New Year

Don't you love the promise of a new year? It's a chance for a fresh start, a chance to change directions. But why is it that we wait? We wait for the beginning of the year, of a month, a week, even a day. Oh, I will do that tomorrow. Oh, I will start that next Monday, next month or next year. But every hour, every minute and every second we get a chance to make a decision about where we want our lives to go. And even though I am choosing today, January 1st, 2011 to start my new project and new direction, I have been preparing for this now for a couple of weeks. Gathering things I think I will need to start my journey. I made the decision to start at the new year because it was what I consider the perfect time to start something new, but I will remember that all it takes is a decision...a decision to make the effort and to make a choice in how I want my life to be. Because I am the only person that can make me happy and that you don't have to wait for the "perfect" time.

I am the only one who will do what is required to live the life I dream of. And what is it that I want?? I am not quite sure of that as I have yet to write it out, but I know I do want a creative life. saying that, I bought a book I found at Barnes & Noble by chance..."A Daily Creativity Journal 365, Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life!"I have created a Flickr page to keep track of my progress. I decided not to follow the creative prompts in order but to bounce around so I have a greater chance of success. I bought myself a day planner to help keep me on track. This project is not my only change for the year. I want to travel, to try new things and explore the world around me and I am hoping that giving myself a visual list will make it more real for me...a list of things to do to meet my goals. You can't reach your goals unless you define what they are. And yes my sister Lynn, I said list! LOL
This is my life and I am the only one who can make me happy and I am the only one to blame if I don't get to where I want to go. So this is my year to focus on what Cindy wants. Some people might call this selfishness but I choose to call it self love. In saying that, it brings me to my theme for my creative project. Love/Hearts. Here is the first creative prompt that I chose:

And here is what I did:
I played in the snow. This was alot harder to do than it looks! LOL I kept almost falling over and then I had to deal with the neighbors dog running over trying to play with me. After I did this then I had to run upstairs to take the pic hoping the dog didn't run through it until I got my shot. Mission accomplished. My start, for this is what I plan to do this year....Love myself....take care of me...decide what I want out of life. Maybe I will inspire some of you to join my on the journey. It's gonna be a wild ride....Hold onto your hats...LOL