Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back from the Creative Connection

So I am back from the Creative Connection. I learned alot while I was gone. I will definitely go next year to this event. There were many many amazing women. I felt so in awe of so many of them. The thing that I learned the most was that I just need to get back on the horse and start riding I took a tumble...I gotta dust myself off and get to busy! I did learn about myself also. I learned that I have to be true to me....not to what others think I should be. I learned that there are just some people that I don't care to be around...but that is's ok not to "like" everyone. I don't have too. There are enough people in the world that I don't have to be around people that are mean and rude.

On a very very positive note, I met a long time blog friend for the first time in person and I will say she is a most amazing artist and person. A very kind a sweet person! Debbie...I am a big fan! It was worth the trip just to say hi!

Oh....and another great person I met was Karen Valentine! Love her!! I am gonna have her do some updates on my blog!

I will write more tomorrow as I must head to bed cause I have to go to the day job tomorrow....

Good Night World!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Washed Up Has Been???

That is what I feel like in some respects, harsh I know but I guess I need something like that to kick me in the butt and say...come on now, get creating!!! I am at the Creative Connection in Minneapolis, MN and I am surrounded by all sorts of amazingly creative women who are following their passion....I am awed & intimidated but excited to get going again because I see the possibilities. I am envious because they are moving forward and I am sitting still....a situation I have had a hard time getting out of....I am in the doldrums....Like Milo in the story The Phantom Tollbooth. I got here by doing nothing and not paying attention. I love this is really anyways...back to my dilemma....So there I sat in my hotel room....just getting back from a day full of meeting wonderful people from all over. I decide to go through my swag bag that we got at dinner. They have had some pretty cool stuff that they have given us. Then I saw these little things.... I was very intrigued by these itizen tackit tags and knew I had to find out more on these because they kinda went with an idea I had about making some Guerilla Art. So I decided to create a little piece of art to send out into the world and see where is goes. Not the greatest piece but still something creative of my own making.... Be original is what I wrote on it because everyday I strive to be original. I don't want to do what everyone else is doing...that is why I gave up on jewelry. I don't feel I have what it takes nor do I want too with jewelry. So I am letting that go and moving to painting or something in that area. And I will get back to blogging.... so here is the back of my little piece.
These little tags are trackers. You go to this web site and log the numbers...or you can scan it if you have an iPhone and a barcode reader app. So cool! So it is now posted on that sight and I hope whomever finds it will pass it on and so on and so forth. It will be fun to watch it travel. And here the stories...
Here is my inspiration picture that I used to paint mine. It was taken in the backroads of VT. On my painting is the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of where the picture was taken. That is something that I am going to incorporate into all my pieces now. I think it's a fun idea and it gives me a chance to take photos and create using them. Well I am off now to go place my art somewhere for someone to find....and to go meet some more amazing women....