If I knew....

If I knew I could keep them alive, I would get myself a salt water tank and have a bunch of seahorses.
A couple of weeks ago when we went out for sushi, I noticed this little guy just swimming along. The tank they have runs the span of the restaurant so he had plenty of room to swim around. I just sat and watched him flit from here to there. It was just so calming and peaceful. I would love to have something like that to calm my nerves after a long hard day. I do know if it's because I am getting older or it's because I have gone through a life upheaval in the last 6 to 10 months but I will say that I have been more stressed than I feel I have ever been. I so want to get back to doing my art but every time I look at my space I feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done before I start working in it. I am one of those people that feels guilty doing my art when my area needs to be cleaned....so I end up doing nothing and then still feeling guilty for not doing anything and wasting my time. LOL So should I post pictures of my unfinished space for all to see and maybe give my the kick in the pants to get it done? Or should I hide in my space of chaos until I finally do something about it?? Opinions? Thoughts?


Kerri Jean said…
Hi Cindy, Glad to see that you're back to blogging!! You certainly have gone through a WORLD of change in the past year or so, so I am thinking it's only natural to feel stressed as it all eventually catches up... but I also know that my art calms me and satisfies me so if you can find a way to create while organizing (or in between) you absolutely should. My art room is once again in flux, but I set up a table in my living room so that I can still make things while I am re arranging- which could take months. Take a deep breath and do what you love!!!!
Kate said…

Try the 15 minutes a day rule. For 15 minutes before you go to bed clean something in your studio. You can only spend that time so it does not get overwhelming. After a few days of doing this you will be well on your way to having a clean studio in no time, Then you will be able to do art again.

The seahorse is so cute. The color is so pretty. Thank your for sharing the photo. Have a great day!