Seriously....who am I kidding?

I suck at writing in a journal...I mean really....this blog is the closest thing I have ever had to a journal. Oh....I have many many many journals....all with about 4 days worth of writing...LOL That is about as far as I get. So I did 4 days in the book...40 days 40 nights and then I skipped 2 nights. I guess I will get to a page tonight...but the past 2 nights I have been so tired from work etc that I had no energy to write. To me it take more energy to handwrite something that to type it. I am typing. Not writing in that book! LOL BUT...I will say that I am doing well on my goals of getting my life back on track. It feels good to get things organized. This weekend my plan is to work on my art space. I will be alone to work on it as much or as little as I want. A couple weeks ago I did all this... I love looking at all my supplies so I need to see surrounded by them. I took closeups because I didn't want to show the mess that is only 3 feet away from these bookcases of mine... But I am off to a pretty good start. I basically started all over when I moved here to NYC as far as furniture for my stuff goes. Before this weekend I will buy my desk that will be my work space. I am excited at the possibilities...time to create.... When it is all said and done I will take pictures again. Maybe I will even submit these to a magazine that has studio spaces of creative women in them.


Crystal Martin said…
Cindy, it looks fabulous!!!! I am so jealous! I am trying to clean my room right's an ugly sight...really.
Diana said…
Welcome back, Cindy! I have missed you. How did you end up in New York? I was born in NY but haven't been there for several years. How exciting to have a new beginning. I wish you much luck in your endeavors and look forward to seeing some new creations.
Jenny Fowler said…
Your supplies are yummy!! Those glass glitters will look awesome with all your other supplies. :)
JenMarie said…
Looks great!
I did that too... my shelves are from Ikea.. and isn't it fabulous to just spin around in your chair and there are all of your supplies!!