Where is the world has Cindy gone?????

Yes I know I know...I have been TERRIBLE at writing on my blog...so here is the deal... I am back from Istanbul...I came back to NYC for 10 days...went back to Vegas for 14 days to pack up my belongings...and then I have come back to NYC...started a job and found an apartment that I will be moving into this weekend....Phewwwww.....I am tired! Yes I will post more pictures of Turkey when I get a chance...yes I will post pictures of my life here in NYC....and soon...hopefully soon...my art space will be set up and I can start creating again...get back to my life....Ah....Normalness....What is normal anyways??? Who defines normal??? It is when we are in a rut? Or is it just our comfort zone....either way...I have not been in either for the last 4 months and I am ready for some comfort....



Nerissa Alford said…
Hey Cindy!
I've been thinking about you. What a whirlwind! Looking forward to more posts. Congrats on the move to NY!
Miss you!
Kerri Jean said…
What an amazing adventure. I look forward to hearing more about it. If you ever venture upstate, you are welcome to stop at my home anytime!!
It sounds like you've been non-stop on the go! I bet you have so many wonderful inspiration photos from your travels!
WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.K. how did THIS happen. NY???? Fill me in, girlie.
xox Rella