Today at lunch we went to the mall for lunch. As I was standing looking around the food court, Basak giggled at me. She said I looked totally lost. And I was....I was thinking to myself that I needed to learn Turkish fast!!! That I was totally dependent of those around me to communicate with anybody but them. It is not a good feeling for me. I have issues with feeling dependent...ask my boyfriend!! Ask my ex! That is probably the single biggest cause of our marriage breakdown is that he needed to be needed and I am totally against needing anyone. LOL I obviously have issues. So my plan of attack tomorrow is to sit down with my lessons and hit it hard all day and see what sinks in. I have about 50 or so words that I know now. But it is not enough for me. Before when I was here it was no big deal as it was only for a week at a time...but now I will be here for months....I need to take care of myself.

So anyways, here is the view from my bedroom window. It is the city life. Last night a street cleaner woke me up out of my very good sleep. It is nice to sleep with the windows open. We are high enough not to have to worry. I just didn't like it last night!!! LOL
Going to dinner's almost 9pm. I am sure that we will be out late again....Ah such is the life at my little sisters! Crazy!


Would love to hear about your dinner! What did you eat? I adore Turkish food.
Lori Roberts said…
OK when you have a free moment I hope you can email and tell me whatcha doing there??? Artwork? New life? I see a new man!!! YEAH!!! I am following your blog to keep up with you! LOL!!! You got my attention now! Miss ya!
Kerri Jean said…
Hi Cindy,
Glad to hear of your adventures. Once again I find myself nodding as you talk about not wanting to need anyone. That's a problem my sisters and I have as well. And people like to be needed - to help. I am trying to strike a balance, but it's not easy. Keep us up on your Turkish adventures!!