My first class!

I have no pictures! Can you believe it????? I was so scattered brained or maybe it was that my students were such a rowdy bunch! LOL were the BEST! I had the best time ever teaching you. If you read this, please send me pictures of your flowers so I can post them! I was so proud! They did a great job and we had a lot of fun. Although...warning for future students as told by past students...wear goggles around me....My wires tend to fly across the room! LOL.


Kerri Jean said…
Congratulations!! Sounds like you were totally living in the moment so it's understandable that you forgot to take photos!!!
Nerissa Alford said…
How exciting! I knew you'd have a great time. It was really wonderful to meet you in person. I hope you get some pics. I'd love to see them.
This wasn't my first and yet I still forgot to take pictures in some of my classes! I'm so glad your classes went well, you connected with your students and that you had fun. I'm so sorry that we only got a fleeting moment together.
Anonymous said…
I have had trouble geting into your blog my computer wants to kick it out for some reason. I will send you a photo of my stuff from class and I was also hoping you could send me the how to on the flowers w/ the head pins and crimps :)Hope you get this...looks like you are a busy gal! Take care Cindy- class was a blast and you really put up w/ my antics!
Michelle (