Have you ever wondered where people get their perceptions of things? Since I have announced that I am going to Istanbul Turkey, I have been amazed at some of the things people have said to me. Like do you have to wear a burka? Are women allowed to drive? I have had to explain that Turkey is not Iraq. Istanbul is a very modern city. Hopefully, my journey will help a few people open their eyes to the world around them and maybe be a bit more open minded. I used to be one of those closed minded people that never wanted to leave the USA. But eyes are wide open to all the possibilities and I can't wait to experience everything life has to offer....bring it on!


Shirley said…
As someone who grew up across the Bosphorus from Istanbul, I can only give you positive feedback about your impending trip. I love Turkey and I would drop everything to return. Enjoy and Discover! There is an abundance of discoveries there for you to find, some will even be within yourself. Have a Great Experience!

I'm hoping for lots of pictures and stories!