The adventure continues...

Sorry for the commercial break. I have been sick AGAIN. Traveling and being tired got to me I guess and I came down with whatever is going around here but I am feeling better and here is my continuation of my Istanbul trip.

So the next day was pretty much meetings and such. My sister and I did go out for Chinese for dinner. Yes I said Chinese...LOL It was pretty damn good too. I had fried ice cream for the first time and it was the best dessert ever! Anyways, on my last day there we went sightseeing. I am going to break this day down into a number of posts as I took so many pictures that I want to share. So here it goes.

As we started out our sightseeing day, they took me on the ferry to cross the Bosporus to the other side of Istanbul. A few of the locals decided to ride instead of fly over.
The views were incredibleOur first stop for the day was the spice market area. This is where the bead shops where and I had asked Sandy to take me too as I wanted to get some evil eye beads. I just love this window. It is one of the first things that caught my eye. The next thing was this. This little tiny cat in the left hand corner...smaller that the big huge seagull it was preying on. I don't know maybe the seagull was thinking that it had lunch too...LOLI just loved the atmosphere of this place. Everybody selling their wares, some just had little wheelbarrows as their set up.The fruits and vegetables in Turkey are the most incredible tasting ever. It was really more than just a spice market. But spices they did have....Everything you could imagine...they have...I just loved how they piled the stuff. And I couldn't resist taking a picture of Turkish Viagra. LOL I wonder if it works???If I lived in Istanbul, I would go here to go shopping...this open air market. They even had fish.There was so much going on that its almost too much to take in. As we made our way in further to find the bead stores, it got much more crowded. So many shops....All kinds of things like these Copper pans....You could find anything there. I ended up buying nuts, Turkish delight, mint tea, and a few various other little things before we made it to the bead store. I found my evil eye beads and misc other things and we were done here. Our next stop was the Blue Mosque

Here is Sandy and I standing at the door leading to the courtyard. That is about as far as we got as they close it at certain times of the day and we just missed getting in by a minute. Too much dilly dallying around. It is the second time that has happened to me. On my first trip to Turkey, we arrived just as they were closing too. Maybe next time it will be 3rd times the charm. But don't feel sad for me as I still went to see the Basilica Cisterns, Hagia Sophia & Topkapi Palace. Yes...all in one day we did this. These will be my next posts. Stay tuned....


Ok, Wow. I thought I took alot of pictures when I go on vacation. Can't wait to see more from your trip. I love the great colors in the spice and fruit photos. they just look so yummy.
Feel Better