Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tomorrow I start my journey to go to Istanbul to see my little sister Sandy. Here is a picture from when we were little.My first stop is NYC to stay with my love and then Saturday back to the airport and back on the plane for a 10 hour flight. I so dread that but I am excited to get to go see Sammy! That is my nickname for my little sister. Don’t ask where I came up with it…it just came. And in response she started calling me Cimmy. Cindy & Sandy, Sammy & Cimmy. I guess it goes yes? LOL I feel very blessed in my life for the bonds that I have with my sisters. We have had spats and fights like any siblings, but as we get older we all grow closer and let all the petty stuff slip away…well most of the time anyways…LOL. My last trip to Turkey was a turning point in my life when I decided not to be afraid to travel. Before that trip, I swore that I would never leave the USA. That there was nothing outside the US that I wanted to see or needed to see and I HATED to fly. My sisters FINALLY convinced me to take the trip…and I had the best time ever. Now I am a traveling fool! Everywhere I go now…I go with an open mind and if I get all stressed, I remind myself to go with the flow because you never know what can come of a wrong turn…It can actually turn out to be a good thing… So here’s to taking what comes and living life… word for the year.


Lynn said...

I have that Paddington Bear...did you all know you used to play with it?

Shelly said...

That is such a cute picture. Have a great time! Don't forget to come back. LOL