Hiding…..that is what I feel like I have been doing lately….hiding from the world. This picture was taken on my trip to Turkey in 2006 by my brother in law….it was first thing in the morning and I did NOT want my picture taken! LOL But it was a good representation of the way I have been as of late. I have kept to myself and very few people. I have not been very creative lately and have had no desire to be. But today…today was the first day in awhile where I had a creative vision of something I want to create. Today I feel energized, and I want to go home and get my room ready for a major creation spree. Today I will take my first steps towards my goals I listed in a previous blog. Today is the day that I open my eyes again and start discovering the world again….


Kim Mailhot said…
Welcome back Cindy ! I have to tell you that I think that hiding out sometimes is perfectly okay - perfectly necessary even. Then when you do come back out - how bright the light can be when we chose to shine it again.

Happy joyful creating !
Hi Cindy! Glad you are feeling better!
You asked for the address of the big supply shop :) I will also put it on the blog for others but here it is:
Orijinal Bijuteri
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There is someone named Sülayman, tell him that Estella (from Marmaris) has sent you, so that he helps you (also with better prices) :)
Happy shopping!
sorry his name is süleyman :)
Lorraine said…
I think we all feel like this after xmas when my creative mojo stops but soon the spring is here and I feel all creative again
Jennifer said…
Could you send some creative energy my way, please?