As I drove to work this morning, I was thinking about my current long distance relationship and how being in it has forced me to change some of my ways. It is getting tougher and tougher to be without him in my daily life. When we are together it is so great, but then when I come home or he goes home I go into this emotional crash. It has forced me to really think about how I react to certain things and if it is really worth getting mad or upset over and if I really want to spend the time that I do have talking or being with him, sulking, or arguing or being mad.... It has made me be more direct in my feelings and communications. So as I was thinking, I realized that I am discovering new things all the time about how to deal with this situation. And that's when it hit me... Discover. That would be my one word for the year. I have read on Nina's and Stephanie Lee's blogs about their one word and it struck a chord with me and I have been trying to figure out just one word that would work for me.

dis·cover (di skuv′…ôr)
1. to be the first to find out, see, or know about
2. to find out; learn of the existence of; realize
3. to be the first nonnative person to find, come to, or see (a continent, river, etc.)
4. to bring to prominence; make famous
5. a. to reveal; disclose; expose
b. to uncover

I like this word. can be used in all parts of my life. In love, in creating, at home, at work or about myself. That is what this year will be about...discovering....


Kerri Jean said…
Hi Cindy! What a great word for where you are in life right now!! Can't wait to read about all of your discoveries.
Kate said…

That truly sounds like a perfect word for you...