Show & Tell

Some of the pieces I submitted to Belle Armoire have been published in the Nov 1st issue of Belle Armoire and the Winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. Since the Jewelry issue has not come out yet, I won't post those pictures to my blog, but I will post the pictures of how the pieces started and also some of the other finished pieces. I found souvenir spoons and decided that they would make great jewelry. Here is how the started.
Here is the necklace that made it into Belle Armoire.
And here are a pair of earrings that didn't make it in.
You can read more about how I made them in the Winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. You will see what I did with the 2 middle spoons from the top picture.


Kerri Jean said…
beautiful - and what a wonderful idea. your jewelry always amazes and impresses me.
Diana said…
Congratulations! Cindy! What a clever idea. Love your necklace. I'll look forward to reading both articles. Cindy, I tagged you on my blog a few days ago. Please visit my blog to see the rules. Looking forward to reading what six of your quirky things are.
diana frey
HappyDayArt! said…
Those are some pretty earrings, even if they didn't get it.
Jen Crossley said…
How beautiful are these jewerly pieces. Oh Cindy you amaze me
Hey Im coming to Vegas next September 2009 Lets meet this time

Sam I Am said…
Loveeeee the Purrrdeeeee :)

I enjoyed reading your quirky facts!!! i too will kick just my feet out.. but yet..stay covered lol