Quote for today

I saw this quote this morning and I really liked it:

It's tempting to sit and wait for life to come to you. But it can't, it's too busy. Life is out there. You have to go for it.

That is how I am trying to live my life right now. It's not always easy and things don't always go my way, but when I have been knocked down, I just get back up at try again! I am taking it one day at a time...enjoying every bit of today's moments. I have started a gratitude journal also. I am writing down 5 things I am grateful for everyday. No repeating so each day you have to think and really look around for good things in your life. Try it...it's pretty cool how aware it makes you. I leave you with a pretty picture...I am grateful for my sight...so I can see all the flowers bloom with their bright and vibrant colors.


Kate said…

Nice quote, I like your attitude about life. I enjoyed your trip to Art & Soul. Someday I hope to get to an Art retreat again.

Debbie Egizio said…
So true!! It's not always easy but you have the best attitude! So inspiring! Thanks for that.
HappyDayArt! said…
I'm grateful I get to use my hands to make things and pass them on to others!

Because of this I feel so connected to the world even though I am sitting at home.

You can repeat, maybe you just need to write an extra one if you do.