Living for Today

Long distance relationships are hard. I find myself living in the future. Always looking forward to the next visit. Ok…1 day till I see him again, then 3 weeks till we go to Aruba, then Christmas…. And in always looking forward I seem to be missing the present. I am always saying, live for today so I am going to try and stop living in the future and live for today. I am going to enjoy whatever life brings me today. I am going to get my camera back out and I will be taking pictures of what life has to offer me today....I say....bring it on!


abbymaya said…
I have a similar problem but mine is work related. I'm really not happy at what I do and find myself wishing I was somewhere else or that it was later in the day so I could be doing something I liked. At least this is in my power to change, so like you I'm going to start living in the moment but keep an eye out on a change.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Anonymous said…
I know exactly what you mean! My man and I are in a long distance relationship too. Am always looking forward to the next visit. And with the way things are going with the housing market, I may never be able to get out of here. It can sometimes be very difficult. Thank goodness for email and celll phones. I live in Henderson!

Judy said…
yaah the long distance babes! There are many positive aspects to this predicament you know.
Diana said…
The anticipation of waiting to see a loved one can be difficult yet exciting. Enjoy the joy of having someone in your life to look forward to seeing. Aruba!!!! how wonderful, Cindy. I tagged you on my have to list six quirky things about yourself and tag six of your other bloggers. See my blog for the rules. Tag you're it!
Angie & Kevin said…
I know this is way off target from your post. (As a "reader" I've been following your ups and downs and feeling as if we are old friends)

I just got my new issue of "Belle" today and I LOVE our spoon necklaces! I had made a charm from one before but that involved ALOT of bending and twisting. Your way is so much more versitile and cool! Congrats on the feature - and hang in there girl we all suffer from lifes ups and downs. Plus at some point we all go through the exact same thing - It WILL get better!

Kerri Jean said…
I am just venturing into this territory and even when they are close by, it is difficult to keep my head out of the clouds. But anticipation is a bit of a delicious thing too, so enjoy a few moments each day of anticipating the future and then bring yourself back into the now!!