I'm Back from Art & Soul

Goodbye Portland: Hello Las Vegas....home sweet home.... It's always so exciting to go away and play but it always feels SOOOOOOO good to come home. I had the most fantastic time at Art & Soul. I met so many wonderful people and had amazing teachers. I am starting to get back to my normal state of mind. Every year I go to Art & Soul, I learn another lesson. It's not to take too many classes because by the end of the week you are completely spent. So much information so little time!

Day 1
Our first class was with Kelly Rae Roberts. She is such a sweetheart! If you ever get a chance to take a class with her....DO IT! You won't regret it. I totally loved her class. Me and my sister Lynn had the best time creating our paintings. The techniques she taught are something that I will use in future art for sure. Here is a progression of one of my paintings. First you collage old letters, cards etc and then add paint...The piece is not quite finished but you get the idea.

After class Lynn and I went to dinner at this great seafood place and I got my favorite thing...Steamed Clams!!! and then when we came back, we hung out in the lounge area, talking with Kelly Rae, Stephanie Lee, Then Judy Wise came over. She is just the cutest thing! She was wearing these striped socks with thong sandals. Stephanie made her take this picture! We had tons of laughter that night. Isn't it amazing how good laughing can make you feel? Stephanie Lee has got the quickest wit I have ever seen. She is soooooo funny. A total kick to be around. All the woman I met there are so amazing and talented. I felt like a little minnow in a bowl of goldfish but I had a great time. It was a great end to the first day...I will post more on my other days later. I am tooooooooo tired tonight! I need to go to bed and rest, rest, rest!


Debbie Egizio said…
How fun!! I hope to go some day! Thanks for sharing! I'm living vicariously through your post. ;)
misty said…
hi Cindy,
how are you?
love everything that you have posted here... you are very talented and i hope you keep shinning brighter and brighter so more can see what you have to share!
it was really great spending a night with you and your sweet sister... your story really is so amazing, thank you so much for sharing it with us and for taking us out...next time you can pick where we eat.... ;-)
take care!
Janny said…
Your aere a lucky lady, we have to do it with her beautiful book;o)
But your paintig looks great is it finished yet?