Art & Soul Day 5

On to the next class. On Sunday, we took Beryl Taylor's Mini Quilt class. It was alot of fun. We sat with a lady name Joanna. What a kick she was. She took my teasing and gave it right back to me! I love it when that happens! LOL Here is the project progression.

It's not quite done yet but you get the gist. I have some ribbon to add and then tack it all down. I really liked this class.


Shelly said…
That is soooo pretty!!!! I want to do something with my Grandma's letter. Maybe you could help me come up with some ideas? I was gonna put it in the shadow box along with the preserved flowers, but I think it deserves a display all its own.

When you start teaching classes, I want to attend.
Jen Crossley said…
This looks awesome Cindy cant wait to see when its done .Beryl does some amazing work