Art & Soul Day 2 & 3

So the next class I took was Nina's "Step into the Story" class. She taught us a ton of jewelry techniques. The first day we worked on learning how to drill in porcelain and rocks and we worked with resin.The second day, we learned all kinds of wire wrapping techniques, such as the "Nina Knot" and the Cocoon bead, and her honeysuckle wrap. Then she had Shirley McCutcheon come in from next door to teach us the bird nest technique. Nina said that is who she learned it from.There was so much info to absorb. I did finish a necklace but I haven't taken a picture of it yet. It's not great, but there was so little time to finish because of all the stuff we were learning. After the second day, my sister and I invited Nina and Misty to dinner and they graciously accepted. We went to have Sushi! My first time ever eating Sushi. There were some things I liked and others that were just ok. But we had a blast. The Sushi place we went to had the little conveyer belt thing and you had to grab the little plate you wanted pretty fast. It was hysterical! They got to listen to my whole life story! sweet is that? They listened to us talking.
It was a great evening. Nina is the sweetest person. Her work is so much more incredible in person. She is someone who I look up to and admire. My sister became a big Nina fan after her class.


Jen Crossley said…
Ninas class is so much fun I did it in Australia this year there is alot to learn.Glad you had fun,great photo of the two of you.