So it's time to get back to some art related stuff on my blog. Life has kinda gotten in the way and I have done NO creating recently. Too many things going on. Only a few more weeks and Art & Soul will be here and I haven't done anything on my trades! I don't even know what I am going to make!!!! I better start thinking! idea just popped in my will have to wait and see though as to what I create. I decided I would show a picture of a submission to Belle Armoire that didn't make the cut. I am ok with that because not everything I do is going to appeal to everyone. But I like it.

I am getting excited to go to Art & Soul and take all my wonderful classes. Here is the list:

Wednesday: DJ Pettitt - Altered Fabric Collage and Book

Thursday & Friday : Nina Bagley - Step into the Story Jewelry Techniques

Sunday: Beryl Taylor - Mini Quilt Wall Hanging

Monday: Judy Wilkenfeld: Aging Gracefully

My sister will be in all my classes with me so we will be giggling and causing trouble...LOL Of course I will be helping her...she needs a push every now and then...LOL Sorry Lynn to tell your secrets! I am also very excited about Nina's class as I am bringing a very special bracelet that was my grandmothers and I want to find a way to incorporate it into a piece I can wear. I guess that is it for now. If you are going to Art & Soul and want to do a trade with me...just look for the girl with the alligator bag...LOL You will know it when you see it!


Nerissa said…
oooh, that necklace. I'm swooning :)
I'm so excited that you're teaching at Art & Soul. I'm still planning on going & I can't wait to meet you.
HappyDayArt! said…
Cool classes!

I am getting there on Thursday afternoon. Here are my classes:

Thursday night
Judy Wise - So You Want to Sell Your Art
Katie Kendrick - Poetry in Motion: Painting as Poetry
Juliana Coles - A Book of the Night: Extreme Journalism
Albie Smith - Journey in Textile and Design
Lisa Kaus - Be Still My Beating Heart

I am at the Embassy Suites
OMG, those classes sound so wonderful. I know you will have sooo much fun and your sis too!
Odd Chick said…
I so envy you and your wonderful classes - I know they will inspire you to make beautiful things that inspire all of us to make more beautiful things. Can't wait to hear your news.
Helena E. said…
The necklace causes serious swoonage on my part. :) The charm is especially gorgeous -- I'd so swipe that up! I don't usually do many beads (I break them so easily), but this is such an exception. Great work! And I know you'll make great things for all your classes. :D
Kerri Jean said…
Love that necklace!!! Have a great time at art & soul. Can't wait to see what your talented mind and fingers create while there. Have fun with your sister. Sisters are the best!!!!