Having it all and eating my cake too!

One of my favorite pictures of our trip to Turkey, is my sister Susie doing her “I’m king of the World” pose on our boat. You know the scene…from Titanic. That is the way I am feeling these days… Like I am on top of the world and all is well. I am reading a book and it has this paragraph in it:

We are so used to having to work hard for everything we have in our lives that we think if it comes to us easily, we aren’t meant to have it. Or it is “too good to be true” so we don’t trust it. Contrary to what you may believe, life is meant to be easy. It doesn’t have to be such a struggle, but you must learn to accept graciously when you start effortlessly attracting what you have always wanted. You need to learn how to say “Yes” to the things you want.

I am saying yes these days to all the things I want….how about you????


Debbie Egizio said…
Oh, yes Cindy I'm with you! Let's say yes to all the beautiful things that we dream of and want. Thanks for sharing this inspirational quote!!
Kelly Boyd said…
I love that picture of mom! It's great! YES YES YES!!! hee hee
Etsy MetalClay said…
I am saying yes too! Isn't it grand?

Catherine Witherell said…
Yes that was me with an additional identity. I am going to have to be more observant when I post.

Catherine Witherell
Shelly said…
I say YES!!!!

No negative thoughts and we will not give ANYONE our happiness..