Who believes in fate? Destiny? Is there really a fate or destiny? How do our choices affect fate or destiny. Even though I can not find the right word to describe what has happened in my life, I know that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe this statement. I believe that we are all given choices on how to react to situations in life and if you are too busy dwelling on the bad...you will never be open to the good. This past weekend, an old best friend/boyfriend came to visit me. After my husband and I split and he told me there was no chance of working things out, I found an article about my friends father. This lead me to look for him. Well I found him and we have been talking ever since and this weekend was the first time we have seen each other in 18 years. It was like nothing had ever changed. He was still my best friend. He makes me laugh and I can be myself again. Who knows where things will go as he lives 2500 miles from me...whether it will lead to more or not...but right now...he is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Besides my Art that is. I like to think of him as the male version of Jen. If any of you know Jen then you will know how my friend is and how I am when he is around. It feels so good to laugh and have fun. So...I am here to tell you...everything happens for a reason, because if I had not read that news article, I would have never looked for him and would never have had so much to look forward to at this moment in my life. Life is short...live in the moment....and don't pass by the opportunities.


Kerri Jean said…
What an amazing year you are having. Although it has not been without its challenges, you are clearly following your true path. I really believe that life gives us what we need when we are open to receiving it!!
Rochelle said…
Amen Sister! You and him were reunited for a reason. As you know, I am a true believer in fate. Enjoy the ride! No pun intended. LOL

2008 Will be a roller coaster year to remember!! Highs and lows and highs. I wish you continued highs.

xo Rella