Celebrating Love...

Yesterday, I went to a party to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends. A bunch of us chipped in to get them a suite at the Rio Hotel & Casino and we held a small gathering for them. Here are some pictures of the view from the room. I am sure it was even more spectacular at night with all the lights.
And...only in Vegas can you see a casino sized billboard of Donny & Marie!
Every thing in Vegas is just so over the top. It is so insane sometimes.... But back to my story... I am the one who played matchmaker for Cinnamon and I am happy that she has found someone who loves her and she loves him.
Here is the cake before we all ate it. And here is my favorite picture of the night....

Awwww Love...isn't it grand?

I am working on my trades today for Art & Soul. Only 2 weeks away and I must get busy busy busy as I only have this weekend and 1 more. Next weekend I will be busy with other events and will not be able to create. Time is running out! TTFN...(Ta Ta For Now)


Jen Crossley said…
Yes Only in vegas I love it.
Have fun making your trades