I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here!!!!!!!

As you read the title of this post...in your mind you should be hearing the Who's of Horton Hears a Who yelling We're Here, We're Here, We're Here and trying to let the world know they are there so they won't be boiled! LOL That is one of my favorite movies of all time. I just want everyone to know...I am here...I am alive and I am well. Life has been kinda hectic. Who knew that getting divorced takes so much effort. It's like having to move all over again...except that you have to sort things now into piles of his and hers. His stuff leaves and mine stays. New bank accounts have to be opened, everything changes...but it's ok...because as one door slams...the other door is unlocked...and I think, no, I know for a fact that I am going to like what is behind the unlocked door sooooo much more than the one that hit me on the ass on the way out! It will be a long road...but I am willing to make the journey to find my happiness.

So, lets see. Art Unraveled. I DID NOT take as many pictures as I wanted to. I even missed on class due to me not feeling well.. But I am ok with that. Life happens...right? I had a great time in Stephanie Lee's class. I learned all about plaster. It was very very fun. I really like the stuff. I think I am going to use it more. Leighanna Light is the sweetest thing ever. I had great fun in her class too. Met some wonderful women, Giesela & Susan Susan ended up having a table at the vendor faire right next to mine! What a stroke of luck. These ladies kept me entertained all day.

Isn't she the cutest thing? I finally met Rella. I told her I wouldn't post the picture I took with her..LOL. She is the sweetest kindest soul I have ever met. What a wonderful person. Have you ever talked with someone online and then met them and you just know that they are special. Well that is Rella. My sister Susie helped me with the Vendor Faire. I was glad she was there. That is it for Art Unraveled.

Now..for what has been happening since. Well, my plans fell through to go to the Zne Convention. I am ok with that as I need the rest. But I will be going to Portland for Art & Soul. I have made alternative arrangements for someone to watch my daughter and I am going come hell or high water! I will be there with my alligator bag full of trades.

Um...I have been dealing with life's everyday chaos. There seems to be more of it right now. I am sure it will settle down soon enough as I get into a new routine. It's almost school time, so there was the school clothes shopping, and next is the hair appointment and getting her nails and toes done. You know...You gotta look good for your first day of school...for your senior year! My baby is growing up...

I worked on my article for Belle Armoire Jewelry. I sent in my stuff for my teaching gig and now I can just sit back and relax for awhile...make my trades for Art & Soul and enjoy life. I am looking forward to Labor Day weekend as I have an old friend coming to visit...we get to enjoy each other's company and catch up...

Thank you to everyone who keeps checking up on me. I am truly amazed at all the wonderful people out there in blog land. You will never know how much your comments mean to me.


Kelly Boyd said…
FINALLY, a blog!! But.... no mentions of you niece who also showed up at Art Unraveled to show her support.. How did the plaster neck turn out?
There you are!! sigh.
We do start to worry, don't we, like silly hens when a quiet spell comes. But you are in the midst of such upheaval we cannot help but fret.

It was sooooooo good to finally say hello in person. Thank you for such a darling reference. I feel bad that I felt so under the weather. After I saw you I went up to bed for a bit to recover. 'she just ain't what she used to be' :)

And now I have another creation of yours..how lucky am I?

xo Rella
p.s. I am only on day two in my story of Art Unraveled at Faerieluna.....what a week.
Kerri Jean said…
yes, yes, yes, -- the dividing of stuff is another tedious and tiring chore in the saga of the big D. But it sounds like you're handling it with grace!!