Fun with my Daughter

I took Kelly's advice and went and bought chalk. I grabbed Megan this evening and we played with the chalk on the driveway.

We had fun. We made new memories... Thanks Kelly for reminding me that you are never to old to play!


HappyDayArt! said…
It just makes me want to cry. I do have to add that I never cry at the sad parts. I cry when people are loving each other and that's what is so touching and sweet about this day. Especially because you caught it while she was still your girl and not too old to play.

XOXO Catherine
HappyDayArt! said…
Oh and I love it that your cartoons are holding hands.
Kerri Jean said…
what an adorable mural!!! what great fun you both must have had. You're a great mom and you're giving your daughter a great example of how to live in the moment!!!! I wish my dog could hold a piece of chalk. You make me want to decorate my driveway too!!!!
i'm laughing and crying at the same time. i was sitting here saying out loud, well that just makes me want to cry. then i read sweet catherine's post and she was saying the same thing. and that made me laugh. it sure does my heart good to see these pictures. i think there are many things in most everyone's life that we wish we could do differently given the chance. to know that your daughter was able to communicate her heart to you, that you heard her and acted on it, is very special. so many times we never get those second chances in life. it really warms my heart and makes me so happy for you. mwah!
KayEllen said…
I love your chalk drawing....we have neighborhood chalk drawings all summer long..sometimes my kids get real crazy and "chalk" one of neighbors driveway instead of TP-ing:)
A lot easier to clean up:)than that darn toilet paper:)and always more creative!