Starting over and declaring my intentions....

At the beginning of this year, I put out a list of goals, wants, etc, that I wanted. Well I have exceeded many of those goals much to my delight! Some things have changed due to circumstances beyond my control, but I have adjusted and I am now looking at new wants and needs. Have you ever sat down and really asked yourself what you want? When I was getting divorced from my first husband, I made a list of what I wanted in a man. My future partner. Here was some of my list.

1. He had to have been married before so that he knows what marriage is like and can compromise.

2. He should have no kids from a previous marriage. LOL…I didn’t want to deal with child support issues. I had my own to deal with.

3. He should be stable.

I can’t remember much more than that, as they were not as important to me as those were at the time. Well…I got those things. As I was lying in bed last night, I realized that my needs have changed. I suppose that it is me that has changed, and not so much my husband. When we met, I was the party girl. I enjoyed what he did. But over the years, that life had less appeal and I think that is what caused our drift.

So…what does this have to do with a list of goals or wants? Well when you declare your intentions, it makes you pay attention to those things and when opportunities arise, you are there, willing, able and wanting… So here is my list of what I want in a future partner.

1. He must like Chinese Food! LOL…I never get to go to my favorite restaurant with my partner!

2. I want a best friend first. Someone who I can tell everything too. Who will love me despite all my weird quirks.

3. Someone who is not afraid to make a fool of himself and be able to laugh at himself and who will dress up for Halloween with me as that is my favorite time of year!

4. Someone who will show me he loves me instead of just saying it.

5. Someone who wants to travel, explore new places. Some one who will run around Disneyland with me, holding my hand and acting like kids again.

6. Someone with a sense of humor, that can make me laugh.

7. Someone, who when I have a problem, no matter how small they think it is, will be there…and just wrap his arms around me and tell me it will be ok.

So there it is… I have put it out in the universe, and I will be paying attention to the opportunities that arise. Months from now, when I come back and read this, we shall see what the outcome is.

Oh...and he should be ok with going to company functions and playing the political game of socializing with me for my career... LOL... I know... I know...I could go on and on...


Melissa M said…
Sounds like a Good list to me.
Indeed a good list :)
I have been reading back and read about your divorce, and find you really a women with alot of courage and you can be really proud of yourself.
You described my husband...yes you did! When we do dress up at Halloween he usually makes our costumes and we go door to door trick or treating. One year he made us card board candy corns that we stuck our faces and hands thru. He doesn't mind the chinese either. Bless his little heart, he has pancreatic cancer.
shabby*girl said…
OMG, Cindy!
We must "meet"! I stumbled upon your blog just today and began was almost as if I were reading my own story! My husband left me a year and a half ago. I have lived alone, although we never did legally divorce. It's been very painful, I have changed tremendously through it all and now we are discussing what we need to do next regarding the marriage. I'm filled with so many fears that do tend to hold me back rather than to move forward. My ART has been my great escape. I'm not quite as brave as you- I do not post all of my true emotions on my blog, and in fact, I have been "hiding"- not blogging at all because I have not much positive to blog about. I even stated "No email Please" on my blog just to avoid having to respond to others at this time. Fact is, I miss MY BLOGGING, I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS (it remains the same address on my blog), I MUST DEAL WITH THE PAIN AND DECISIONS YET TO MAKE. I Would really like to hear from any others experiencing the pain of divorce and moving forward. Thank You, Cindy, for sharing so much of yourself.
Best of Luck always, Missy
~Red Tin Heart~ said…
Great post! I really loved this.
xoxo Nita
Jen Crossley said…
Awesome post girl you deserve much happiness
Kerri Jean said…
Great intentions, Cindy. I am amazed that you already are able to make such a list, but I think that is wonderful!! And I understand about change. In my case, I think we just became more of who we already were, and that sent us in entirely different directions. I wish for all of your dreams to come true!!
Deryn Mentock said…
In a nutshell: honesty, integrity, generosity, character and spirituality. I hope you find what you're looking for girl!
Rochelle said…
I love your list. I made a similar one after my divorce and it brought me to Doug! He gets lost sometimes and I just have to bring him back around. Just today, he called to tell me the reasons why he is marrying me. As I tell my single friends. "Yes, they do exist." LOL
HappyDayArt! said…
You'll find it. You know exactly what it is and that makes it so easy.

See you soon, right?